First time trimmer here

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by uneek, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Let me tell you, who ever said this was not a hard process bullcrap! this is my first time at this on my first grow and good gosh it seems like its never is going to end. I give you guys props now for people who do 4 plants or more. my one and only and DAMN it takes forever, oh yah i should have listened and bought gloves... LOL thumbs up to everyone who help me and ill post pics later.
  2. After a few plants you start getting the hang of it but its still super boring unless you do it high and listen to music or something.
  3. I Love trimming I remember trimming a couple pounds between 3 people. So kuc sccissor hash and popcorn nug bowls. Take your time and do a good job the nugs will reward you in the end
  4. I am taking my time it just seems like it never going to end
  5. Trim reaper my friend. Its a bit spendy but worth every penny.
  6. i got a question for you all, i let them hang for about 3 days, and still slighting moist, should i be waiting for them to be all dried up? or can i keep it semi moist while i let it cure in jars?
  7. You can trim while wet but you don't want to jar them till they are dry.
  8. thank you.

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