First time trellis???

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  1. Hey everyone. Me again. Lol. So I just set up a trellis net in my 5x5 tent with a 600 watt mh/hps. It looks pretty pitiful to be honest lol. The plants are halfway through week 9 from sprout. I have been tieing them down into the star shape and they've taken to that well. I've also been defoliating them for the last couple weeks and each time they've perked right back up. So like I said it doesn't look very good to me but I know it will need time to fill out. I had to remove one plant because I'm thinking it's a male. There's two other plants of the same strain that have had white hairs for a couple weeks now and the third one hasn't shown anything( male or female). Wht does everyone think about that? Was I too quick to remove it? I just wanted to have the net set up before starting 12/12 and didn't wanna have to remove it afterwards. I put it in my 3x3 with a couple younger plants under led and will be keeping an eye on it(also not sure how it will be going from 600 watt hid to 300 watt led).But they are also gonna stay 18/6 for a while. I'm just hoping I'll get a better hint soon cause I'm gonna run out of room in the small tent fast. Sorry for the long post but thanks for reading!

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  2. I'm a noob but I don't think taking it out of 12/12 back into 18/6 is a good idea? That is, if it's a female of course..

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  3. Both tents are 18/6 right now

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