First Time Topping Clone

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  1. Hi all, I'm getting ready to top one of my clones for the first time (it's in its 3rd or 4th week of vegitation) but I'm having trouble finding exactly where to cut because of the nature of this plant and how it's growing...from what I've read you're supposed to cut off the top middle and there should be two smaller nodes growing next to it. But I can't seem to find the two nodes in order to target what to cut off. Here's a photo of my clone and where I think I'm supposed to cut, any help would be much appreciated: [​IMG]

  2. Out of those three chutes clip the middle one at the base

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    Chutes? Could you please circle where to cut like I did and repost the pic? It would really help me out
  4. You're right man. Just clip the very top of it off and leave all the other little beaches that are coming up.
    Ok I thought so just needed to make sure. Thanks

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