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first time toker and its going to be white rhino?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tangyjam, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. #1 tangyjam, Sep 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2009
    i wanted to try it and im in college but was expecting mids. He actually said it was going to be white rhinos and were paying about 40-50 dollars for 2 g's? How strong is this stuff exactly? im having second thoughts since its "white rhino"

    i wanna do a weed that makes me go hyper
    what does white rhino do? or is it diferent for each person?
    mellow or hyper? if i smoke heads will it make me to tolerant and only get high to heads?

    is it ok for me to smoke HEADS for my first time? like real hella good heads? how many hits before im toast? wiill these good heads affect my work? Or is it temporary? I dont want to fall behind in my academic work.
  2. 40-50 for 2g's isnt that good bro, and i doubt its even "white rhino"...they are just giving it a cool name so you think its good.

    most cannabis wont make you very hyper, maybe like chronic lol

    and smoking good bud for the first time will probably be alright...just smoke as much as you want, few bowls or a blunt would probably be good. And it should affect your academic work as much as your drinking does ;) if not less
  3. you'll be fine.

    but white rhino? really first time?

    stuff is really strong, good medicinal bud.

    just letting you know're never gonna want anything less powerful than this.

    u could prob get an 1/8 for 50 though, try to get another gram. dont get ripped.

  4. yeah around here i think some good headies would go for $60/3.5
  5. lol im just told not to be paranoid and take it easy. the shit is legit i heard and last time they got some headies not sure what kind but the first timer threw up.

    and its 40 dollars for 2 g's he said. hes paying for most of it though. Im chipping in like 5-10 dollars thats it aha.

  6. yeah dude just be comfortable, smoking marijuana wont make you trip balls, hallucinate, have a heart attack, etc...just remember that.

  7. Man he prob threw up because he took too big of hits.

    Ganja relaxes your stomach if anything, doesnt really make you sick, jsut really hungry.

    And to be honest i dont know that the potency of the weed is going to be that big of a deal, take a few hits and see how it goes, if you are really nice and high then dont smoke any more until you feel like you can.
  8. :bongin:

  9. Ahahaha... Anyways how do I find out if its laced or has glass? Will my academic ability suffer or is thst media bullsht?
  10. That's a rip off bro, don't pay $40-$50.

    I pay about $50 for an 1/8th that's about 3.5g right? Can't remember. LOL!

    for 2g I would pay around $35.
  11. Media bullshit. You can be just as productive/do well academically as someone who doesn't smoke. Plenty of the most successful people have and/or currently toke. It's about how you handle yourself and prioritize your life. Mind over matter. Don't let your life revolve around weed.
  12. ?????

  13. I can tell you right now if it is laced! Its not. Think about it, why would someone lace weed with something that is much more expensive? Face it, dealers are in it for money and that is not going to make them any money. No you grades will not suffer. I smoke almost every day before class it actually helps me pay attention also the high will only last 3 hours max. So no it will not affect your school. Just never listen to anything the media says.

    Just take a hit or two and relax if you feel like you need more then take a hit. remember no one has ever died smoking weed, you are not going to have a heart attack, your fine. do that and you will be great.

    Have fun!!:smoking:
  14. Here in cali

    1/8 runs you 50-60
    normally, i can only get 50 1/8 if im friends with the dealer but prices vary
    2g's should run you around 40
  15. if its shitty weed, dealers will lace it to increase the strength, making you think its good bud, and also keeping you coming back for more. so eventually, they make a lot of cash.

    but since he's talking about white rhino, no its def. not laced.
  16. don't take over 2 hits until you know where you are.
  17. In the long term it will, but it won't make you dumb, it just makes everything take a little bit longer to get together in your head.

    Again, this is daily long term use, I've personally noticed that it comes back completely after it's completely out of my system (after a detox), but I'm not gonna lie and say it never happens.
  18. I wouldn't bet on it being white rhino. or even headies for that matter. Are you the only one buying, and just smoking people up, or just want a bag for your head? Because that isn't a great deal on Headies, and it kinda sounds like this guy is gunna get you a bag of middies and smoke it all for ya.

    The only problem smoking headies for your first time is not having the years of schwagy bags to make it seem that much better.

  19. Shitty bud + another more expensive drug would equal more than good bud would it not?

  20. im not good with math but...

    not really, if its laced with pcp for example, you'd get more pcp effects than bud effects. so if you're buying bud, then you want bud only.. if you want pcp...then buy pcp.
    it could basically give you more side effects that you might not be used to, aren't prepared for, or just don't want.

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