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First time this weekend. Few questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheyreRedHot, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Whats up everyone? Im going to be doing my first hit this weekend and kinda scared lol. What should I expect and any tips on it? Plus i know this is gonna sound pussy as fck but what are the health risks of smoking this medicine? Long and shot-term.

    Another thing im worried about is I have asthma..but i read if you use a bong your fine but I think we are gonna use a bowl instead. Should I be worried?

    Thanks guys, really appreciate it. :)
  2. yes you should probably be worried. take it slow if you're still going to do it despite obvious health issues, and make sure to bring your inhaler in case anything bad happens. Make sure you're not in a sketchy spot where people will hear you having an asthma attack. I'd suggest throat lozenges to ease it down, but it's probably not a good idea to push your limit if you know you have asthma
  3. just chill and have fun. i remember my first time it creeped up on my hella slow and i thought i was dreaming , it was my buddys first time to and me and him were laughing so loud his brother hit me in the nuts with a rock i couldnt even feel it i was so baked lol.
    Just remeber if you think your going CRAZY your not your just high
  4. DO NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT ASTHMA. The cannabanoids in MJ have anti-asthmatic properties. They actually open your alveoli and bronchial tubes.

  5. this is true
  6. just enjoy the high and don't think about it too much.....smoked out one of my best friends the other day and at first he was thinking about it too much and was just irritated cuz he didn't wanna feel that way...but when he finally relaxed and just let it roll he loved the just enjoy the experience man :)
  7. Thanks for the great feedback guys. answered my questions :)
  8. More than anything lung damage. Not too much and you can prevent it using a vape.

    You shouldn't be worried.

    And don't expect anything... the high'll come to you. Just make sure you smoke enough and inhale right.
  9. that^
  10. Take one or two hits and then stop. DO NOT try to keep up with others your first time.

    From experience.
  11. What do you mean!
    He needs to open up his THC receptors. If he doesn't smoke enough he might not get high.

    From experience also (cannabis DOES act different on different people it seems)
  12. Again, take one or two hits, and then stop for awhile and enjoy the experience.

    The advice above mine is horrible advice. No one should be chiefing down bowls for their first time.

    As far as the "He needs to open up his THC receptors. If he doesn't smoke enough he might not get high."

    One or two hits will already do more than enough for most people.

    Start slow, then indulge more if needed. It's better to be safe and enjoy the experience, rather then over doing it and then not liking cannabis (such as in my case).
  13. my best advice to first timers on how much to smoke is....take a hit or 2 every 15 minutes untill you realize that you're high and then stop and enjoy the ride lol

  14. Not for me and most people I know. (I'm talking about the few first times of course)
  15. +1

    Best advice in this thread.

    I chiefed a bowl the first time, and I couldn't do jack shit for awhile but sit and stare at stuff. I actually had a panic attack and felt like I was going to die and found myself laying out in the yard in order to come back to myself.

    One year later, just a few hits later, and I then realized how awesome cannabis is.
  16. Just relax, if you're nervous when you get high it will worsen , but if you're relaxed it will become even better. Seriously, alot of people feel like they're having a heart attack or going crazy or something the first time they get high but they're always fine an hour later.
  17. Not to sound like a dick but how do people who hasn't even smoke find this website? Like iv been smoking for a good 3 years n barly found this website cuz I was searching google for a question and found this site.

    But just take it slow don't torch the bowl corner it and take 2 hits well usaly that's what I do and when u feel a little different or slow kinda slow down or stop if u want but if u wanna get high as fuk keep going till u can't no more lll and ur in for a treat
  18. I should also state, that don't expect cannabis to actually work for a few minutes. I never knew this fact, and that's why I kept smoking and smoking until I felt something (my previous experience was tobacco, and that's an immediate effect).

    Take two hits, then stop and wait for 15-20 minutes. Take more if you want to. Don't do what I did. Best to have an awesome experience rather than an unpleasant one.
  19. That was YOU, not everyone.
    I'm not attacking your position, I just say that it can affect people in different ways.
    The first 3 or 4 times I smoked 1/2 joint or a full joint sometimes and felt nothing.
    Then one day I got incredibly high with 5 bong hits

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