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First time- This is wierd

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imnotjesus, May 3, 2011.

  1. I just blazed for the first time. I was alone, and smoking out of a apple. I soon started feeling light-headed, but not much. I took some more hits, and the feeling intensified. And one point, I got a huge head rush and got tired. Then, I just started feeling dizzy, and now I'm feeling normal. What's up with that? None of it really felt good. What's up with that? I definitely got high.
  2. You have a lot to learn buddy. ALOT. check out some threads on weed quality, ways to smoke, edibles, ect.

    also, welcome to the wonderful world of ganja, just dont over do it. :smoke:
  3. first time your body needs to build up enzymes to break down the chemicals and shiat

    Edit just what ive read but i dont really get it cuz i got so fucking fucked the first time i got high cuz i ate a fuckton of brownies
  4. you got high man, your mind has some getting used to for it tho, you are a beginner ya know wah im saying? you gotta build taht persona around teh bud so you kinda know how it works for you.
  5. Well I smoked a joint with a close family member at 12-13 and I didn't feel much, but my first official time I was in a clusterfuck of amazing.. Just expand your horizions to dank and smoke a few bowls
  6. The feeling will grow on you. Trust me:smoke:Welcome to the city man.
    Blaze again:wave:

    It sounds like you are just not use to the feeling yet, if you dont like it you could always send me the rest of your stash ;)
  7. hes new in about 30 minutes after he learns what dank is youll be getting a pm like yo you said you wanted this shit lol
  8. wait for your next time and you will for sure be extremely happy
  9. I didn't especially like my first time. I felt pretty uncomfortable.

    Second time though...un-fucking-believable.
  10. Nothing happened my first time, but I was an innocent young buck, so knowing me I probably inhaled the shit wrong haha. Sesh #2 was different, however; my buddy and I puffed about 6 bowls and watched The Lion King. Nuff said.

    Just take it slow next time, maybe start with a smaller bowl and work your way into the high.
  11. maybe dont do it alone next time? just a thought, some people like doing it alone but I personally like sharing the experience with a friend or two.
  12. Was it a shit-weed that was planted with shit-seeds? Might have grown up into a big shit-tree.

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