first time taking ket + 2 e's

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    Some and my mate/dealer decided to have a tester of some ket at school. Just keyed a little bit and it was a good trip. Sort of like being really mashed in a weird way when u take a small amount. Then after school went to my toher friend's house who's dad was away for like a week lol and got loads of people over. Then I had a fat line and that fucked me up. I was tripping propper bad rofl was amazing. The everyone else got there and my other friend came with like 30 blingers to sell for like $3 each lol so I bought 3 of them and double dropped. then took my last fat line of ket at like 9.30 and then i was really fucked. My mate put on his mini strobe light and this guy started like prodding me and I thought it was like one of those 3d films where u wear those glasses. It was scary as fuck. Anyways ket and e's is a sick mix plus smoking ganja all through the day is a good mashup lol. Peace anyways thnx for listening !
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