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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by jbc, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. So I've been doing a ton of lurking around the major cultivation forums the past several months and believe I'm ready to dig in and get going.
    I've finished building my box from scratch. It measure about 30"H x 24"W x 20"D. Will be in a closet and has yet to be configured on the inside.
    I'm planning to use soil and since power consumption will be an issue (included in rent) I intend to use 4 6500k CFL's to start and then swtich to 4 2700k to finish.
    The main issues I'm having in progressing to the grow stage are with choosing the proper exhaust fan to pull air through a DIY carbon filter (using passive intake), whether to grow a small (4-8) SOG with auto's or SCROG a normal strain.
    I'd like to average about 8-10 dry oz a month, potentially harvesting every 60 days or so.
    Sorry for lacking pics, box is being painted and not with me at time of post. Any ideas or insight would be appreciated and apologies if this info can be found, but I've been doing a lot of reading and figured a thread personalized to my specific concerns would be more beneficial to getting over the hump.

  2. I have a box about the same size and heat is my biggest problem, you need a good exhaust system I haven't quite figured it out myself. I have a 4" exhaust and a 2" intake but the fan isn't pushing enough out and still over heats I have to open it to keep it cool
  3. So I'm still dragging my feet a bit with the final steps of my box.
    Have pretty much all the materials I need, just had a question regarding my exhaust fan.
    I have one of these fans with 80cfm kicking around still in the box and was wondering if this could be configured to work with my DIY carbon filter?
  4. what is the name of your fan or a link would be nice thats the last peice to my secret setup 

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