First Time Smoking Weed

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  1. What was your first time smoking like? I know alot of people say they don't feel anything the first time.

  2. I didn't feel anything, but I did eat like 2 plates of fries at Denny's.
  3. Yep, my very first attempt was with a very sketchy homemade grav cap bottle / dry pipe setup and I did not feel a thing. Very boring and disappointing.

    Though the second time I tried was with a real bong and superb weed it worked like a charm. I was so baked that I literally could not speak - I was overwhelmed. My buddy kept asking me "How are you feelin'?" and I just kept telling him to stop asking because it was so hard for me to talk at that point - lol. My entire body felt like it was submerged underwater and I will always remember it was as though I was able to look in two different directions at once when it first kicked in.

    It was a blast!
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  4. Back in 7th grade we made a steam roller by cutting a hole in a water bottle and shoving a j in. We hotboxed this closet then played in the snow.

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  5. Right before 9th grade. I was at the local mall. My buddy had some reggie( decent reggie now that i look back) and a handmade wood pipe he had made.

    All i remember is taking some hits, walking back inside, and everything started getting crazy. Tunnel vision here and there. Extreme short term memory loss. Laughing my fucking ass off while trying to figure out what was what while i made it across the mall.

    Now its 2016 and time has flew by quicker than i would have liked it to.

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  6. I was 16 and working at the local theatre. After our shift a coworker and i went to his truck and got blazed. Then we went back in and watched shrek. Then of course that was the one night i forgot my keys and had to knock on the door and have my dad answer it while im stoned as fuck. He let me slide. Lol

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  7. First time was in the woods in high school with like 8-10 people... They all baked but I always thought marijuana was bad for u.. so I gave it a shot, smoked and felt so relaxed.

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  8. The real reason many people dont get high their first time is because they dont know how to inhale properly

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  9. I got baked af the first time I smoked. Can't remember much besides laying down staring at a ceiling and uncontrollable leg twitches.

    I miss those days.

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    Alright so, my first time I had 2 joints with weed and tobacco in them that my friend gave me. So as soon as i go home, i go to the bathroom and light it up. I start coughing like crazy, i got nauseous and lightheaded.So i put out the joint and then i figured it out. It was because of the tobacco (I don't smoke so it probably was too much for me). So i open up the joints, take the tobacco out and put the all weed in one joint. (This took about 15-20 mins). Anyways i light up the joint and i smoke it all thinking it would barely be enough for me to get high. (I got some decent hits, and didn't cough too much).Nothing happend and i was disappointed, so I lay on my bed and close my eyes and it hit me. I don't remember what I was seeing but I had some intense close eyed visuals,colors, patterns and such. I felt like my body was vibrating and I was moving really fast . What i thought was 10 minutes were just 2. My heart was beating fast and hard my lungs hurt(or i thought so). I focused on the vibrations and i felt like i was floating in a circle.. I cant really explain it, it was weird. The pain in my lungs suddenly went away which made me think it was never there at all. I put on some music and it felt like i had the best headphones in the world (I really dont, they're pretty bad xd) and it felt like my body was vibrating at the musics rhythm. Anyways then I went to the kitchen and ate everything i could find. Eating felt like someone was massaging my mouth and food tasted amazing. I never had such an experience before at the time so it was pretty cool, a little scary but I enjoyed it very much. Needless to say, I smoked again after that but never had such an intense high.

    "Sweet Mary Jane" by Ed Sheeran

    Listen to it
    It wont disappoint you :)
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  11. One of the first times I smoked was with on of my homies that had been smoking for a while and new what he was doing. He loaded a fat bowl in his bong and made sure I was inhaling correctly. I can't even describe in words the high that I experienced. It was insane. Especially on the last hit that I took, when I exhaled the cloud it seemed to sparkle a little bit which was kind of trippy. The funniest part of the experience is that we where both beyond faded and made hot dogs. After eating a whole 12 pack of hot dogs I puked in his fireplace. Good times man! :passtheshit:
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  12. Nothing happened, until I ate that sloppy joe, it was then that I realized lol
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  13. First time was with my friend who smoked it before. Rolled this shitty J and went twos on it. Felt absolute nothing so 30 mins later he rolls another and this hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything was slow motion and blurry. My friend stupidly enough asked if he could try punch me since i thought every thing was slow. So he swung and BANG....i caught it. We just burst into laughter for a good 10 mins. Went to his place and watched 8 years a slave then passed out. Awesome night
  14. I was (surprisingly) about 21/22... went to see a friend in middle of nowhere Michigan.. got BAKED... wound up watching Dude Where's My Car? laughing my ass off. Got too happy, drank a bit, got cross faded and passed out. After that I mostly only got to smoke shitty weed in NYC... don't think I ever quite got that high again... now I grow my own and my tolerance is too high :( I still get stoney though :)
  15. First time was at a friends place. Knew my mate had some, but didn't know he was going to bring it, let alone allow me to smoke one.
    I didn't think I got high, but I've got videos that show different.

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  16. I was 12. I just got 20 dollars I was gonna get minutes for my prepaid phone at Cumberlandfarms. There's a lake behind this store Wawa that alot of people took to get to Cumberland farm and the towns smoke spot. So I'm riding my chopper I stole from some kid. and I see this kid I know sitting on a log smoking gravs He says wanna buy some weed. I thought about it and I was like fuck yeah man. He gives 3 maybe 4 gravs for 20 dollars and I'm so high all the older kids were picking on me in a friendly way. I fell on off my bike and then I had to go home. I tried talking to my step mom she looked me straight in the eyes and say are you okay I go yeah why and she it looks your on drugs and I say noooo it raining out side and she's like rain doesn't do that to your eyes then I go Oh Julie.and I went in my room and went to sleep. (haha not suspicious) later that night I went to the movies and told all my friend I smoked weed. I was still high as fuck was high for like 3 days straight. I know I got ripped off but I thought it was a good deal for an 12 old year. And the kid who got me smoking is in jail now for dope now. He was the biggest scumbag of the town always robbing and doing fucked up shit. Don't fuck with that shit
  17. The first time I ever smoked was my freshman year of college in a random frat boy's room. That was the highest I've ever been in my life, all I could do was listen to music... I couldn't even move lol. I ended up crashing there and having to take the walk of shame back to the dorms the next day at noon I guess it's not ordinary for a girl to be wearing last nights club dress and makeup to get lunch hahahha
  18. First time I was pretty young, middle school. A kid told me $10 and him and his buddy's would get me high. We smoked at one of my other classmates house (who's parents didn't care) and all I remember was walking into a gas station making dinosaur noises.

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  19. I subcribed to your channel btw
  20. I got high the first time I smoked. It was with this midget of a guy called Robbie that we called Aldo to fuck with him. It was a joint of something good because he got it from his stepdads stash. He rolled into a pinner and when we smoked it and we got high.

    Everything was out of control funny. We got the freak mode munchies and went to his house. He ate so much he shit himself when we went back out side. I had some ice cream but I was having a hard time getting it into my mouth. Man was I high. The high we all judge other highs by, the kind of high we chase and chase and chase.

    When I saw myself in the mirror I knew I was a bust waiting to happen. While eye drops certainly get the red out, they do nothing for the low eyed look most stoners get.

    That whole summer turned out fucking great. Once I became a stoner I met a whole new crowd of friends. We used to scroung enough money between the six or eight of us for a single movie ticket. Then one of use would open the exit door and we would all sneak in for the whole day. I also learned of the old thread taped to a quarter or a token trick. good times :metal:

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