First Time Smoking Weed

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  1. What happened the first time you toked?

    I remember I went to the skate park during my lunch break and off hour (so I had an hour to do whatever) and it was sketchy for me cuz it was my first time and everytime I took a hit out of the bowl I wasn't taking it in my lungs so it was a waste of my friends stuff but he was okay and eventually I got high and stopped worrying and we were making fun of this 40 year old guy on a mountain bike at the skatepark lol! And then my friend wanted to shoplift so we left him and he came back and said he pussed out.. I was a freshman in highschool haha
  2. EDIT
    I went to Algebra after all that and I couldn't stop laughing and the teacher asked my why and I just stopped laughing and didn't reply to her lol
  3. My first time was with my sis and it was right before a big family dinner and all my family smokes, or used to so they all knew and were so nice to me I guess they new it was my first time or sumn, but it was the shit I've been smoking ever since!!!
  4. My first time was over in Singapore where the laws are pretty damn strict! Was outside a club having a cigarette when one guy in my group offered me up a bit, I thought it was just a standard rollie but the taste difference hit me pretty quick. Since then, been a safe, standard smoker :)
  5. They have bud in SG? I am really shocked. I know they give the death penalty for even possession cause I have mad family over there. How much do you pay? J/w haha

  6. Haha yea, was gonna mention the death penalty bit but some people think its BS! Haha I too have family who live over there hence why I go over during summer times :p I didn't pay for what I smoked over there as I only had a few odd tokes the first time but since then I found grams for about S$15 or so but apparently you can actually get it really cheap!
  7. Wow that's news to me. I used to go to SG every summer for 10 years, I was actually there this July. I would think that people would be super uptight when their lives are at stake.

    I didn't expect it to be so cheap. I was thinking more like Japan prices, considering the consequences. Like 50+/g

    Do you know where it comes from? Malaysia?
  8. Haha yea, been going every summer same time for about the same amount of time! May have knocked into each other at some point without realising :p Yea, it was surprisingly cheap but really bad stuff as it is real basic home grow standard. For high grade stuff you will be paying insane prices!
    From what I heard, not that much comes from Malaysia surprisingly but a lot comes from Cambodia and Indonesia.
  9. too embarrassing to share, sorry.
  10. my first time i was in 7th grade, it was st patricks day, my firend rolled some up and we smoked it out of regular paper. so harsh. didnt smoke again till 10th grade. i def tried way too young.
  11. My first time was on 420 in 2010. I smoked in the baseball fields of my city's middle school with my two best friends and a drug dealer. I had a softball scrimmage later that night and I had to go to it and I was way too high to comprehend what was happening. I remember, my coach put me on 2nd and I was fuckin up real hard and she came over to talk to me and I said "You can hit me if you want I don't mind." Good times.
  12. First time I was visiting my sister at the University of Miami. I was already extremely inebriated, having been to my first frat party (I was a sophomore in HS). One of her friends let me sleep in his room cause his roomie was out of town, and he whips out a vape. 3 long pulls and BAM. He was on the 9th floor of the dorm building and all I really remember is him disposing of the bottles of booze by throwing them out his window. It was probably the most I'd ever laughed.
  13. First time i ever smoked i was with 3 of my friends we just passed an L around i got buzzed but the firsttime i actually got high it was with my friends 9th grade in hs we just chilled in his room and my body had suh momentum i felt like i was a robot haha. Good times
  14. Nothing happened to me the first few times i toked....BUT the first time i got high: about 3.5 years ago i didn't know how to roll a blunt so i had taken a black and mild, rolled the contents out without breaking the wrap and then i stuffed it with weed. lol, i know, but i went outside to smoke it and boy was i stoned. i felt like my brain was melting and i had the craziest urge to go and take a shower. i ran inside and took a super hot shower, washing myself at light speed. i went down to my kitchen and made eggo waffles with tons of syrup and butter :smoke: never forget it!
  15. First time I smoked I was with two friends in her room and her cousin walked in a we all just started drinking whatever was next to us and I had a whole 2 liter next to me so I picked that shit up and I choked on it cuz I had started laughing.
  16. My first time was at a party sophomore year. Lets just say it was a good party after that. haha
  17. 4 years ago in Nepal.
    Best experience of my life.
  18. my first time was during my lunch break at school, we went under a bridge by my school and my buddy had a pipe and some pretty good bud, he didnt have very much weed but it was still good enough for a good buzz
  19. Let's see...

    I was in my flat, stayed up until 6am watching Easy Rider and writing about 10 pages of lyrics (still got them and hope to convert them into songs at some point)
  20. My first time was right before my first job. Luckily everyone was cool.

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