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First Time Smoking Weed

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by pceboi, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hey,
    I bought a gram of weed for my first time (I already know that isn't much).
    All I've got is papers so I was wondering is it better to make .5 Grams x2 or 1 Gram x1
    Thank you.
  2. Welcome to the city.Defiantly make two it's gonna be your first time so chances are you won't finish both.Good luck and be safe.
  3. [quote name='"Ftsk515"'].5 x2[/quote]

    Jahaha you could split that up into .25 and you'd be good. Find some friends to split the .5 with you... Weeed is better shared
  4. Why don't you post some pictures of your bud up here. Then we can give you a more accurate answer by basing it on the quality of your bud. Because if you smoke that half gram, and it is some high quality green, you might not have a fun experience. You could have a rather scary one at that considering it's you're first time.
  5. ^Don't scare him it's not some powerful drug that's going to send him into another dimension.
    OP if it's your first time you probably don't know how to roll and won't learn with that bud either so I suggest using an apple pipe.
  6. Um I can't get a picture unfortunatly cause its at a buddies house sorry. I was told that it was some really good stuff. It's quite aromatic if that helps?
  7. Just roll up a joint, and take a couple puffs. You can put it out when you have to. Since it's your first time you're probably gonna get baked rather quickly. So put it out and save the rest for later......then repeat :D
  8. How long will I be high for? Like when can I go back into society then haha like to the mall and stuff?
  9. Take time rolling your joint, so it burns properly.

    Throw on some jams, and have a blast.
  10. ^^Depends how good the quality of the bud is. Honestly to tell you the truth, the first time I smoked I couldn't feel shit but the second time I was fucking blasted.

    And you could always go back into society, this ain't no psychedelic mind fuck.
  11. [quote name='"pceboi"']How long will I be high for? Like when can I go back into society then haha like to the mall and stuff?[/quote]

    Hahaha if you feel comfortable being high, you can go wherever you want. Just dont j walk... That takes practice when you're high. Shit I still don't j walk when I'm high hahahaha
  12. Lol, give yourself a good four hours with nothing planned...just incase you fall asleep too.

    When I first started smoking i'd be RIPPED for a good 3 hours. Then i'd feel paralyzed because I was so tired/stoned.
  13. You might not even get high your first time...

    i remember i didn't, it defies all logic and reason, but the first couple times i smoked, i didnt get high.

    It took a fat kief bowl to get me baked the first time.
  14. Like others have said, unless you are smoking with friends, more than just a pinch will get you really REALLY high as long as you know how to inhale. I'll be envious of your experience, i'm sure it will be awesome!

    But don't smoke too much in one sitting. When you feel the high, you can take a minute or 2 off and see how you feel. While getting to an 11\10 kinda high is awesome, it can be kinda crazy if you aren't used to it. Especially if you have never done anything else such as alcohol or tobacco.

    But enjoy the ride and welcome to the city blade! Let us know how it goes!

    edit: just saw your question asking how long you'll feel it. First time: probably 2-4 hours, closer to 4. As to when you can go in public again: RIGHT WHEN THE JOINT GETS ASHED MUTHAFUCKKAAAAA! lol
  15. Hahahaha
  16. The papers I ended up getting were about 4 cm wide and 7 cm long. Is that to big if you're only using .5 grams?
  17. honestly i smoked fat as fuck my first time, 2 blunts back and back, and then 3 bowlpacks, and i was ripped to hell, i literally think about that feeling now and its the best ever, dont be afraid to smoke alot your first time, its the only chance you get. but ya member to inhale properly and a .5 joinx2 sounds fair
  18. Seriously dude, just make a pipe out of an apple. Rolling your own joint to smoke your first time will not work very well, I can tell you that man. Oh, and remember to mastrubate. Literally it feels amazing your first time baked:D
  19. First high orgasm I had scared the shit out of me. Only do that if you aren't at any risk of having heart issues. Rofl

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