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First time smoking weed sucked should I try again

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rektelite, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]I smoked about a year ago and I felt paralyzed. I was home alone when it happened. I couldn't Reiner anything everything was spinning and It sucked. I took about 11 of the biggest hits while keeping the lighter on it while I inhaled. I wouldn't say I had a panic attack but I felt so bad. I'm wondering if I should do it again, give me advice. If I take two hits am I going to feel like I did a year ago. It looks so fun to the people tha enjoy it. Could have there been any problems with inhaling butane because I kept the lighter on the weed while pulling. If I get enough replies I will comment the experience the second time.

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    I honestly didn't really feel that high the first time I smoked. And it took a few times until I eventually got into the daily toker phase.

    So I vote yes, you ought to give it another shot. Just keep yourself hydrated and have something in mind to keep yourself entertained. Such as a movie or a video game to play. Anything that wouldn't require too much. So don't go out and exercise or something.

    It's an acquired taste almost.
  3. ok I will give it one ,more shot
  4. Just smoke like two bowls man take it slow and you won't have a panic attacks

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  5. Sounds to me like u smoked way too much the first time. Try like 2-3 hits
  6. Be more aware of what u intake. Ex; take a few tokes wait 30 min if u not feeling it go again, its all about moderation when your tolerance is that low. Oh and remember its just weed dude you're fine haha.

    I agree you should try it again and rather than looking at it as such a bad experience try to enjoy it. Embrace it.

    Best of luck op

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  7. First of all don't light it the whole time you inhale. You may have taken in some butane which contributed to the dizziness. Just try smoking less next time and maybe you'll enjoy it more.
  8. Dude... Take a small hit, and wait 10-15 minutes before taking another. Don't take 11 hits in quick succession when you have no tolerance -_-
  9. When people act like smoking weed is rocket science....


  10. just do it in a good environment and toke a little until you feel it, 2 hits then stop then go on if you want to after.
  11. No

    More for the rest of us.

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