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  1. So I've been trying to score my first sack for weeks.  After some cool hookup at the skatepark I was pumped.  It was green and had tons of hair.  I went home at about 5:15 by taking the bus.  Let me also mention I had a dance I had to be at, at 7:00 ish.  I took a good shower and got all fresh.  My mom went out with her boyfriend about 6:15 and things were on.  I had to leave at 6:30 P.M. to catch my bus by 6:41.  S started smoking at 6:20.  I took about ten hits out of a homemade waterfall bong.  Only three of them were really strong.  I thought it wasn't working until that 3rd strong hit.  I hunched over, coughed like a motherfucker, and threw up.  Then I thew up in my toilet.  I felt like I wasn't in control for a second.  It was like a I had to learn everything all over again.  I had a few things to do but I kept forgetting them.  I kept forgetting where walls where and when i saw them they scared me.  I was afraid I wasn't gonna be able to get to my dance.  I hid my shit and stumbled out the door.  I said out loud, "I don't think think I like this".  My opinion changed but I'll talk about that later.  I got to the bus stop and could only focus on one thing.  I would look away for a second and thought I missed my bus.  I kept thinking I'd missed it.  The bus arrived.  I stumbled over to a seat.  My thoughts got crazy as fuck.  I made up this silly rhythm in my head and I kept coming up with weird lyrics to go with it.  I then thought about the Peter Parker meme.  It made me laugh.  And my laughing made me laugh. Then the guy sitting next to me was staring at me.  That made me laugh too.  Someone on the bus I was on goes too my school to.  Everyone at our school gets bus passes by the way.  I had to follow him to school to.  I was nervous that I was going to get lost.  I ran into some people who go to my school but weren't going to the dance outside.  As soon as I walked up to them they were like, "Are you high?" or, "Dude you're high as fuck!" I talked to them and thought everything was funny.  They were messing with me a little.  I was trying to find out where to go.  That was funny to.  The one kid Manuel helped me to the door.  Once I got through, there were two security gaurds one was just hanging out and the other was patting people down.  I managed to stop laughing.  Then I got into the dance and some people I kinda know (I just about know everyone in my grade of 120) were talking about how high I was.  It kinda felt cool but I didn't care I just laughed.  My mouth was dry as shit so I had this girl I know Iris walk me over to where the drinks were.  I got some iced tea and hot funions and went over to this one 10th grader I know, Alia.  She was like "OH MY GOD!  Why are you high, but she was chill with it"  I hung out with some of the older kids and they thought it was cool.  I of course didn't make a big deal of it and just laughed.  I sat next to this 10th grade girl Ashley, as a slow song was on and asked if she'd dance but she said no because she doesn't dance.  I said "Why don't you start?"  But we talked and I got her number in a few minutes, or what felt like a few minutes. Then we went over to the "silent lunch room", which during school hours  30 students per grade can sign up per week, so it's not as loud.  In there was a place to make card's for the Children's Hospital, which is the reason some people came.  We chilled, talked, and I ate a popcorn ball.  Things were good. The laughing was a lot less frequent, and throughout the night I learned how to control it more.  My dad picked me up and off we went to his house.  I went to bed and fell asleep immediately.  Some people tagged me in selfies they took with me for Instagram.  I don't remember them being taken.  So that's my first experience.  Pretty fun can't wait to smoke again!

  2. My first experience was during school holidays in high school. Me and 2 other friends were curious and bored so we asked a known pothead in our year to hook us up.
    He sold us 5 joints each for $30 which was like 2.5-3g and we all went to this little park by the water. There's this corner nobody goes to with a rusty ladder going down to the sand.
    We all lit up and our supplier said it's better to listen to some music so he played some reggae on his phone. At first, I felt a little light-headed and my muscles felt more relaxed, but weaker. I was super paranoid about wasting smoke so I smoked mine super fast and it really made me cough. We all began to feel it after the first joint, but we decided to smoke a second.
    It didn't really hit any of us until we were listening to "Smoke Two Joints" by The Toyes and they sang the lyric "I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more" which we all found hilarious and madly giggled at for a while.
    When I was properly high, I felt it all like one big hit. I noticed my memory just disappear and my speech was kind of slurred and slow. I freaked out a bit in my head because it was way different than I expected. Everyone kept talking about how they were feeling and it was really hard to describe, but we were all having fun.
    Munchies set in and we walked 10 minutes to Subway. Everyone else had mad paranoia and anxiety so I ordered all the subs for us. We all agreed that it was the best meal we'd ever had in our lives hahaha.
  3. Sounds like a good time ha

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  4. My first toke was when i was 13 (im of legal grasscity age now) on a loading dock behind an elementary school when some redneck highschool loser smoked up a bunch of my clown ass friends from back in the day out of a bowl made out of clay. We laughed our asses off all young and blazed and shit then went to a pizza place and got kicked out for laughing too loud haha those were the days. Damn just to think back ive come a long ass way since then in the wonderful world of bud.
  5. My first time was a homemade waterfall bong too! We only did 2 hits though and were both really high. We laid on the wet grass for a while freaking out about it (we were at an abandon coldasack) and went home later and both fell asleep instantly too.
  6. First time I toked up was... at my brothers after his mother-in-laws 60th birthday, so he was rolling a joint on the porch with me watching and asked wanna hit? jokingly, ofcourse, but then afterwards at his house he asked me again and I said yeah, I had 1 big milky vape bag first, then a big milky bong hit, I was fucked out of my ass
    I called his dog my girlfriend and I laughed a lot of time went really fast.... that's all I can remember
  7. I'll tell my first time, then I wanna tell my highest time.
    It was my freshman year in high school, and I was 15. My best friend at the time was always considered a bad influence to me by my parents, but that didn't make me stop hanging with him. I had been offered to try it not too long before my first time by him and my current dealer, but I decided to respectfully decline, regretting it later when my friend pretended to be a frog monster lol. Anyway it was my first homecoming dance, and I went stag cause I've always been shy. About 30 minutes into the dance my friend and I, along with our friend group we generally associated with, all dipped out and went to 711, which was just a little way down the road. At 711 one of my friends from the group went and bought a bunch of dollar doobies from this sketchy dealer, and they all went to the most popular place to smoke: the head of Stoner's Trail, by the Jack in the Box parking lot. We stood in a circle and when the person to my right passed me the joint I thought fuck it, why not? and decided to take a hit. I'll never forget that night, October 22nd. Afterwards my friend and I got picked up by my mom, went back to my house without raising any suspicions, and listened to dubstep until we passed out. 
    The highest I ever got was freshman year as well, with the same friend. I had spent a good portion of my afternoon hanging with my friend and fabricating my first homemade piece: a bong made of a white girl plastic reusable starbucks cup and a metal slurpee straw that 711 sold until too many people used them to fire thumb tacks. Worked like a charm. We tested it that night when we met my current dealer (who was an infant dealer then) and smoked all of the dub my friend bought out of my bong. I don't actually have full memory of what happened that night, considering I was a semi-weekly toker then, but I'll go through what I do know:
    We smoked about 5 or so bowls in an alley behind Top Foods, then moved. From then on I remember all that follows: crossing the street with my hands in my hoodie pockets, rubbing the inside of my pockets, then my memory is blank, then I remember walking down Stoner's Trail, blank memory, sitting at our closed freshman campus (had no idea where I was at the time), blank, then passing 711 on the walk home and being overly ecstatic at the fact that I had $2 and we could get doughnuts, blank, walking home along a long and dark road, blank, then finally being halfway through climbing in my window and getting into bed, which felt heavenly. Good times.
    TL;DR#1: Freshmen homecoming I let peer pressure get to me and it changed my life for the better.
    TL;DR#2: My first homemade piece was a screaming success, so much so that I have gaps in my memory of what happened that night.
  8. First time I smoked was out of some sort of socket wrench or something. Was pretty cool it didn't hit as hard as I expected we just went skating for a while we met up with some girls at like a 7-Eleven and I can't remember the rest and like yeah oh yes we went back and we smoked a little more and then later in the night I had a full conversation with a homeless mana about how bush needs to pull out. Idk what he need to pull out. Idk what he needn't to pull out if but I was insisting that he needed to pull out

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