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First time smoking OG kush.. what should I exepect?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Logieberra, May 2, 2013.

  1. Just got a half O of OG Kush and man does it smell ... in a good way. Anywho I'm feelin pretty nauseas right now so i'm thinking about smoking a bowl or so of this stuff.. what should I expect ? I have heard OG Kush is the be all end all
  2. I loooove OG Kush. Very common down here. Expect munchies like no other and some extreme couch lock. It will make you super relaxed and the littlest thing will make you smile. Pretty sure it's an indica, a pretty heavy one at that so don't smoke too much. You'll have fun though for sure.

  3. OH NO! i'm on a diet haha but I think I will be able to resist.. I hope

    I also have general anxiety so I think it may help with that !

    packin my first bowl now..
  4. It's just weed dude.
  5. It couchlocks you a LOT. But it's good for sleep. But you'll get the munchies pretty bad.
  6. I got Anxiety man, I get nervous :smoke:

  7. Speaking as someone who knows what that's like, that's the worst thing you can do. I know it sounds simple, but it is just weed man. No matter how bad you freak out when you get high you're still going to wake up in the morning, just remember that and you should be good.

  8. thanks for the insight man ... I think I gotta just remind myself its only weed and I have done it a million times by now
  9. how'd the og treat ya?
  10. tis indeed an indica as all "kush" strains are. If you keep smoking it og is one of the strains that becomes identifiable to you by smell sight and feel! :bongin:

  11. Normally, you'd be right. Most Kushes are indica dominant. Surprisingly however, OG Kush is one of the only Kushes that isn't indica.:eek:
    It's actually a Sativa dominant hybrid. If I recall correctly, I believe one of the main genetic parents is Chemdawg which is a super potent sativa if you havn't tried it.

    Having said that, OG Kush seems to retain a lot of the properties of other kushes like it's dense nugs and it's strong distinct skunky smell, properties many indicas tend to share and that, along with kush in the name, makes it understandable that many people would immediately confuse it for an indica.
  12. You may become high.

  13. It was pretty good, I did not smoke much only about 1 small bowl from my metal pipe... for sure relaxed me and surprisingly no munchies.... for sure goanna smoke 2 bowls tonight and see how that feels
  14. It's not the "be all end all" no strain is espes for everyone in the world- each effects us differently but sometimes relatively the same depending on strain- youl get less anxious if its a indica dominant but seeing as it may be a hybrid u may get bit of both- racy head high and good body stone, heard body stones and indicas are great for people with anxiety and sativas are horrible- make u trip hard lol cuz it's jus so much of a head high- man wish I could find some pure sativas
  15. No better than any other bud, depends on the grower really. Some of the dankest weed I've had has been sour diseal, white widow, ak47, train wreck, etc. But the best strain I've ever had is Hawaiian diesel, something most ppl wouldnt expect to be better.
  16. I've wanted to try White Widow since I started smoking weed, since it's an almost 50/50 indica/sativa (depending on breeder). Being in a non medical state, I have never had that opportunity.

    I actually think that an auto variation of WW is going to be my first grow attempt. Train Wreck to be my second.
  17. Up until last week, white widow has been my favourite strain for about 7 years now. However, i got hold of some trainwreck for the first time and damn, Im converted! Such a nice smell and taste and the high really suits me. Different strains for different people. yet to try og kush. Seems to be more of an American thing. Here its very much skunk and hazes.
  18. Trainwreck is dank!
  19. Yeah true. Also like the other poster said everyones body is different and reacts differently to different strains. I certainly was not super impressed with OG but did not smoke a lot so tonight i'm goanna do 2 bowls
  20. You have a glass bowl? You can taste it a whole lot better using them.

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