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  1. Well hello their, Recently sum dude kept on bugging me on how he got sum medical from cali, i didnt believe him from the begining but when he showed me the nug i was like wow, it was beautiful golden kush with the most fruitiest smell out of any bud that hit my nose. Well anyways i decided to cope a half o for the $160 . So me nd my friend (i brought him as a body guard) go looking for his house, hes like its the one with a red mazda and green suv so i park it in front of the house with the two cars. And i immediately see a bunch of ppl looking thru the window very suspiciously. I forgot to mention that he is a cocaine dealer and just thought they were tweeking. So i give him a call and tell him come out, hes like im outside long story short im at the wrong house and he ment red nissan instead of mazda:mad:. So when i finally see him hes in the middle of street waving his hands , eyes red as hell with a big ass smile. He gets in the car and puts his arm around my shoulder and like hey man u gota be careful with this shit really..i weight out the half o, pass the cash, nd get the fuk out. Now i had a friend come over who knows his grass and immediately identified it as Afgan kush medical grade i was like :D. Now this bud wasnt for me personally to smoke but i couldnt resist i take a hit 1,2,3,4 hmm wait a few minutes and feel a warmth around my body and im getting pretty high. I was very happy with the world and everything was just great, high lasted for bout 1 1/2 hours with a pleasant afterglow. Now i regret smoking it becuz i dont think i can enjoy regular weed as i used to.

    -also i was very curious on how he got it to Florida from cali. He told me that the ppl he gets his coka cola from first go from colombia to cali and their they got the bud and flew to florida.
  2. A lot of medical goes from cali to flordia, and it even travels to flordia up here to new york. I recently had some medical kush this guy from flordia brought up with him. He had 2 types of cheese, og kush and afghan. Legit medical it was so frosty and stinky
  3. im in indiana and almost all bud that goes through here that is considered dank is from cali. And yes i know this for a fact
  4. Cali has good weed, what can I say?
  5. Your welcome ;)
  6. medical is just another word for headies or chronic...its all grown the same way, just who sells it and the legality issue

    i bet a LOT of us have smoked medical and just thought it was headies, cuz technically its the same thing
  7. Your friend just fed you a load of shit, how'd it taste?
  8. I live in Seattle and I can honestly say I haven't bought any nug that wasn't from Cali for at least 6 months

  9. Lmao you beat me to it.
  10. Im his friend guys and I just fed him a load of shit and he believed me wahtta faggg.. :rolleyes:

    And 160 for half oz of medical is superb man..
  11. i dont understand why people dont live in california.

  12. Its already over populated enough there, they should make arizona, oregon, and nevada part of cali :)
  13. holy fuck thisi s weird my friend matched me some shit yesterday. it wasnt brown but golden a little. it did have a fruity smell when i broke it down :smoke: we smoked one bowl out of my bong it was prolly .6. well we were BAKED all night, like i was high the whole duration of the high lol. oh we smoked at 7 30 and i went to bed at 12 lol.

    but he gave me the rest so i had .5 today. packed half it and got 4 bong rips.

    at first the high is fucking great. like wonderful and it feels so great and shit. and then half hour later i almost seems your sobre for like 5 minutes or so. then BAM it hits you and your couch locked. fucking great:smoke::smoke::smoke: and he even said yesterday it was strawberry cough X afghan kush

    so now im thinking he was dead serious. i didnt think he was telling the truth because it didnt look my fresh green kush. lol my shit was fresh and i thought it was the best kush ive ever smoked. i always bought it. but his shit almost looked like reggie. but its not brown. no it lovely dark gold. and the whole time i was like this is reggie haahah just fuckin with him tho. i hit him up on facebook today and asked how much hed give me for $20 on a BRO u lar level. he said 1.6 for $20... but still im gonna get sucker him in to give me 2g for 20 lol. his family grows it :O he gets it for free soooo ya lol
  14. my stuff is always medical, i dont think i have had non medical... what would the difference be?

    fuvkin blazed on some bubba kush vaped right now... :D
  15. Naw the guy is pretty legit he brought a magnifying glass and a book with diffrent strains and pictures it was identical to the one in the book.
  16. And 160 for half oz of medical is superb man..[/QUOTE]

    I actually thought it was horrible because it was for resale i can usually get a half o for 60,80 i just couldn't pass on that kind of quality bud,
  17. Damn man, I got shitty prices in phoenix haha. Lucky ass.

  18. plenty of room away from the coast

  19. "Its not about the location, its about the ppl u no" - quote by hitsfrom@bong
    u no u gota get the bud from the source like when i was in boston the prices are fukn crazy 15 fo a .5 then i met this guy whose a blood talked to his homeboy and then anotha and got a 1/4 sour hydro for 40. lukiest deal in the worst of times i havent smoked in like 2 days nd going crazy
    man i just vaped a trench of that afghan im on it :smoke:

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