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First Time Smoking... Is this Normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yungℒeandσer, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Okay so 2 weeks ago I had my first recreational experience with marijuana. I'm not sure what the specific strain was, but I do know that it was very potent. I was hanging out with a friend at my house and decided I wanted to smoke it with the herb vaporizer (Flowermate v5.0s) that I had bought weeks prior to this. I live in a state where recreational marijuana use is illegal, but I wasn't really nervous about getting caught or anything.

    We were sitting in an open field and I turned on the vaporizer and took 5-6 long hits (my friend did not smoke at all). Looking back on this, I probably shouldn't have taken as many hits as I did, considering that it was my first time and I had no tolerance. I laid back for about 10 minutes and my body started feeling numb. I don't really remember what happened but I immediately wanted to go back inside. I went from relaxing to freaking out. After stumbling back inside with my friend, all I wanted to do was lay down in bed and go to sleep, even though I wasn't tired. My friend, who had never smoked, or been around somebody smoking before, did not want me to fall asleep because he didn't know if I was gonna have a heart attack or something in my sleep. I remember my heart was racing and I could feel it throughout my body. I tried to eat something but I could barely swallow a bite. It was like my jaw was moving uncontrollably. I remember trying to explain how I was feeling to my friend and I could barely finish my sentences due to the short-term memory loss and that I was just stoned.

    Time felt as though it were going by so slowly and I just wanted the night to end. I remember thinking to myself "Why do people even do this?" due to the bad effect it was having on me. Certain images kept appearing in my mind when I closed my eyes. I then began to wonder if my weed was laced with cocaine or pcp ( I had got it from a decently close friend, so I didn't think that he would, but at that moment in time I was so paranoid).

    Eventually, I remember my friend turned on this funny video and it calmed my down a lot. I remember laughing uncontrollably and feeling a lot better. This was about 2 hours after smoking. After my friend saw that I was fine, he went to bed and I stayed up and watched netflix for about an hour and then went to bed. I don't really remember very much of how I felt after the freak out, except for that my vision was a lot more vivid and I was feeling euphoric.

    I am posting this to see if this is normal for a first timer or not? I still have some weed left and I want to smoke again but do not really want to through hell again. I am not a hypochondriac or anything but based on what I read online the day after, I am pretty sure I had a panic attack. I thought this was odd as I was not very nervous about smoking, but I guess it got the best of me. I do have anxiety, but it's not extreme.

    Any advice?

    Should I smoke again, and if so what should I do differently?
  2. Hi im not sure if this is true but one of my friends told me that if you get paranoid and have a panic attack your much more likely to have one again. did you get that feeling you get when you think theres another stair but there isn't?
  3. No, not that I can remember.
  4. Take one hit then wait, i get this way too. Tolerance is just high
  5. Err low tolerance
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  6. Unless the bud had something else mixed with it, it just sounds like you got too high too fast. Take it slower next time, especially when you're toking something you've never toked before.
  7. You just have low tolerance. I smoke everyday but i only take 2-3 good hits every session and that always gets the job done for me

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  8. Ahh, first off I want to say nice choice on the vaporizer. I bought a flowermate v5.0s about a year ago and still use it this day. It's a great little vaporizer.

    But anyways back to your question . Yes it's is normal at first. I remember the first time I smoked I smoked too much for me at the time (like 8 hits from a pipe) and I felt almost exactly like you did. I was freaking out having a panic attack, thinking why do people like this lol.

    First off you felt that way be cause you were most likely nervous. The first time you smoke you are not used to how it feels and you don't know exactly what to expect. That and you smoked more that I would have recomended for you. (I have a tolerance and I'd smoke about the amount you did). My advise for you if you decide to try it again is try taking 3 nice hits and waiting like 15-20 minutes to see how you feel. Also try to do it in a peaceful place away for people and external stress.

    Good luck to you, I hope things go better next time.

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