First time smoking in da "hood"

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  1. Alright well today I went to my buddies house and we start playing NCAA and chilling.
    My friend who I'm with got expelled and went to this second chance school that is full of fuck ups (got him for possession at school).

    Well today his friend Jamari called him to see if he wanted to chill so we went to blazee with him. We're driving to his house and I start to notice that we stop seeing cops, and alot of shitty cars.

    We get to the kids house and hes outside with his two friends Waterboi and Ladaian, who we go with to The Purple Store to get a 'gar. After this we get a quarter from his boy Carter for 20, I didn't even know you could get bud this shitty.. We get to a park and he rolls it ALL up in a blunt and we get soooo baked.

    I learend alot from this expereince, like when black kids smoke they just hit it as long as they want, none of this puff puff puff shit.

    Crazy day to me coming from a rich white suburb.
  2. Ha ha. You do realize that all black guys don't smoke the same right? On the other hand we do all hit it as long as we want. I'm sure you've heard the phrase before... Seriously though I get what you're saying. I grew up living with dad in the suburbs and mom in the ghetto so I smoke with people from all over town. I can't say that either class takes too big of hits but I have noticed that my hood folk strictly smoke blunts. The kids I'm in college with will pretty much smoke bud out of anything they can put it in but glass is the preferred tool.
  3. I smoke in Baltimore city...A LOT. And...

    black kids smoke they just hit it as long as they want, none of this puff puff puff shit.

    this is not true here. If you don't puff puff pass that, your lookin for trouble. Not sure how "hood" that area is, but Bmore is the real stuff.
  4. I didn't mean black kids overall, just the kids I was chilling with.

    Thats how they smoke with their boys usually i guess
  5. I've never smoked with a black person before, lol.

    Probably because I live in a rich white suburb.

    They aren't stingy with their bud which is cool. My white friends always steal each other's shit.

  6. haha thats cause in the hood *****s get stabbed for stealin 20 dollars of weed
  7. as a white person, i feel embarrassed reading this thread.
  8. +10 Gangsta points.
    Seriously man, you're an ignorant fuck.
  9. I smoke with a 'black guy' pretty regularly. He's cooler that 90 percent of my friends. However, I don't generally look at him like that. He's just a close friend.

    And who are you to call someone eleses' bud shitty?

    Weed isn't a drug. I mean, it is due to dumb reasons... Nevermind, fuck it.
    I guess I'm the only one who views all weed the same. I don't smoke to get "fucked up". I enjoy the moment every chance I get. You don't know when your last puff will be bro.
  10. well that sucks for you i guess.:rolleyes:

    probably the quarter being 20 bucks, THEN rolling it up into ONE blunt.:wave:
  11. I went to my local area "hook", funny cause my granny lives there :p. I pulled out the bong to toke with an old friend and he didn't even know how to hit it... It seems like everyone from the "hood" can't seem to tell how to smoke anything but a j or blunt.
  12. its shitty threads like this that made me stop regularly posting on this site. first, ive been on the site again for 10min, and already saw a thread by RMJL stating that real life story threads need to be posted in the correct forum. obviously you dont think rules or reading apply to you.

    second, holy fuckin christ, way to make yourself come off as an ignorant racist douche bag.

  13. +rep, very nicely put
  14. I think that is worthy of neg rep if nothing else....

    Yes the OP made himself sound like a dumb ass however the rest of his post isn't really making a valid point. He complains about threads being in the wrong place then he went on to make this statement;


    I mean seriously, why attack the kid? Yes he fucked up but then you go on to put words in his mouth and make him seem like he's doing it on purpose to be an asshole.

    I hate all this stickler bullshit, I mean obviously things belong in their correct categories, but you don't need to flip shit everytime someone makes a mistake. People who post here are generally going to be stoned and might forget what their story is about, the rules, and numerous other things that could lead to posts being in the wrong section. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, treat others how you would like to be treated.

    It's shitty typing like this that makes me want to stop posting on this site. First off, you would think that it wouldn't be too hard to have at least some concept of grammar, and you need to learn to post correctly before you post at all on the forum. Obviously you think you're above and beyond the English language.

    Second, holy fucking Christ, way to make a big deal out of something that wasn't really that big of a problem you trouble seeking, retarded, asshole.

    Now where as my post is in jest, yours wasn't. I'm not saying he's wrong in the matter, but chill out a little ya know?
  15. you're a douchebag.
    How is he racist? Sure he is stereotyping that black people smoke blunts but thats not really racist.
    Saying you will get stabbed in the hood for 20 dollars of weed is a lot more racist than the OP.
    Go suck a fat one.
  16. Im white,i like blunts, if I was black and lived in the hood, i would totaly merk some white kids for 20 bucks worth of weed if i saw the opertunity..:cool:
  17. Racist much?
  18. Lol these stereotypes are kiiiilllin my on the inside!!! Pfft we don't do that shit

    *quietly lights the blunt*

  19. Im just guessing on this... But maybe one of the reasons they kept hitting it is cuz they knew that you guys wouldn't speak up, and they just took advantage of the situation. Like Gitlifted said.

    And jesus christ people its obvious that he's not trying to be racist, just chill out and toke
  20. Lmao just noticed someone tagged up this thread somethin' nasty

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