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First time smoking + going to a dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jean_Jeanie, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guys! This is my first time posting. I'm A homeschooled teen so as you can imagine it's kinda hard to find weed. I was in the city and i started talking to a guy that deals. I didn't know he dealt till I saw his facebook. he seems pretty chill but I dont know how exactly to ask him for weed. Also, what do I do if he rejects me? Just cause my friends like to hang out with him too and I dont want to mess that all up. 
    Also, how can I tell if the weed is good or not? Since I've never smoked before. It's just supposed to be green and smell strongly right? 
    sorry for all the questions, thanks guys. 

  2. are you positive he deals? if so just ask him if you can buy some weed. take a look around the net for thousands of picture examples, if he seems like the type that would take advantage of your newness a scale is a worthy investment.
  3. "Hey you got bud?". Easy as that. The worst he can do is say no.
    Look up pictures of weed, and get a scale. You want no seeds, little stem, and it should smell like a skunk.
  4. Hey... You mind I do some business with you? Or you can just flat out say "id love to buy some weed for you". It isn't hard. If he says no, find someone else who looks like a stoner. Stoners know stoners
  5. do your friends smoke with him.. maybe it'd be easier for you if they ask him for you
  6. If you know that he deals by looking at his facebook then chances are he is really dumb and would not be someone I would associate myself with. Look for people that smoke that are low-key and reserved,they have better deals and won't beat you.
  7. Hey man, Don't worry.. I met my dealer online. The only thing you have to look out for if he tries to take advantage of you being homeschooled and all that he would try to fool you with fake weed.
    First time I bought weed ( which wasn't that long ago! ) I was so afraid that he would be a cop or something or that he would shoot me for the money... Paranoia...
    But seriously just be chill, If you are friends with him then talk to him and be straight about it.. Ask him if he smokes Mj, If he says yes then ask him that you want some Mj. He'll hook you up. Marijuana smells really weird, He'll give it to you and you will KNOW its marijuana. Plus look out for the hairs of THC, And make sure it is not ground up. If its in nug form then thats good. And its kind of sticky.
    But if you are worried just take like a gram. Its more than enough for a first timer. And don't smoke too much.. You'll feel like shit.
    Good luck man!
  8. Totally agreed, The ones who "show off" are the ones that'll be caught first.
  9. To the OP, my best advice to give you is to act like a pro! And it's not as hard as you think, let me explain. (As briefly as I can, but without a doubt after you read this post you will feel extremely confident about the whole situation)
    Buying weed should never really be that sketchy. It doesn't hold the repercussions a hard drug does, in terms of the law. Sure you can get a felony weed charge, but you need a fat amount that you're more than likely selling. I'm speaking for me when I say most people who smoke daily don't have a QP(Quarter Pound) on reserve.
    With that out of the way, what I was saying really is that because it isn't that sketchy if your caught with it, the marketplace for bud is much much more relaxed than the harder drug market, for the simple fact that you don't really make near as much ching of of bud, than you would with any other hard substance...Let me also be clear I have never experimented with anything other than Marijuana. Sometimes the hard and soft drug markets merge and dealers sell more than one substance(Thats how I learned about how relaxed the weed marketplace is) But for the most part dealers, at least around here, deal one thing...Mainly cannabis.
    Next the most important rule I must preach!
    Trust your gut! If something seems off putting, or just plain sketchy leave the situation be. Buying weed shouldn't be that sketchy, as I said. Some people are more cautious then others. Meaning simple thins like, they might want you to not be loud coming up their stairs because they have traffic coming and going to or from their apartment or home. Or they might not want you to text them certain things like "Yo can I get a dub" (Dub- $20 worth of weed)
    Another general rule that I feel is almost as important. Don't ever give anyone money until you have the product! It doesn't happen often, but people do get scummed for bud. It's kinda a scummy thing to do, as I briefly explained before the Marijuana market is really lax. So in "street thinking" bud is just something people smoke, you shouldn't get robbed over it, or shorted over it because you don't need the stuff. It's not addicting, so you're not guaranteed income for them. You're not going to turn into a weed fiend, as compared to coke or crack, you won't be banging on their door 3am for your fix LOL.
    Next up, learn the slang. If you buy from your dealer and your using street terms, he most likely will assume you've been around the block before and know what you are doing. Don't act sketchy either, just go with the flow...If you feel shit getting tense or weird just leave...Cannabis is a lot more accessible then you may think!
    So here's a quick list: the amount you receive depends on quality...Basically you have two types...There is more but that comes with time, for now all you need to know is: mid grade and dank. Dank is what you want! You get less for your money but the high is better, as the plant itself was grown healthier, and was well maintained...Cannabis is sensitive it needs love to flourish. You can easily tell the difference with a quick google search between mids and dank.
    The amount of weed you get will be based off dank pricing.
    Nick- $5 worth of bud (not very common 0.02 - 0.03  of a gram)
    Dime- $10 worth of bud (0.5 - 0.5> of a gram)
    Dub- $20 worth of bud (1gram or over)
    Eighth- $50-60 (3.5 grams)
    Quarter- $90-120 (7 grams [2 eighths])
    That should be about as much as you need to know for pricing and weight for now. Again there is more but as a beginner you don't need more than a dub, so 1 gram.
    IMO 1 gram is where your weed adventure should begin. It will be plenty don't let the number 1 confuse you lol.
    Some other slang to mention is just names for weed. Off the top of my head: Weed, bud, smoke, dank, fire, dro, pot, ganja, herb, headies, loud, ex-o (short for exotic)
    How you should go about getting it. Simply ask your dude if he sells, it is not as sketchy as it seems. Go with 20 bucks and ask him for a dub. Grab the bag examine it a bit, and if hes selling you dank, as in not mid grade, you get at least a gram. Squeeze the bag a little and sniff it a bit. Should smell kinda lemony like that pinesol stuff for your wood floors, or it will smell skunky (like a skunk)...Either way that is a good thing. Be like "A gram right?" he should acknowledge. Give him the money and go about business. Say thanks, he will probably say the same back. And boom you just scored your first bag...
    Hope I didn't slap you with a wall of text, good luck and welcome to the city fellow blade. Please post back and let us know how you made out.
    This was just a brief overview of the game. We've yet to scratch the surface, but follow these guidelines and they won't suspect you being a first time buyer.
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