First time smoking and getting caught. Funny story.

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    This is a story about my first time getting high on marijauna. I was in the 7th grade and had always been interested in smoking and watched lots of videos about pot and other things related to that. I had a friend whos cousin smoked weed and my friend knew I was trying to find somebody who could get it for me, so he hooked me up with his cousin and later that week we met up to smoke. This was my first time so I didnt really know what to expect other than what I have been told. We met at an abandoned trailer down the road from my house and smoked there. He had a gram of pretty good weed as far as I can remember and rolled it all in one blunt, he lit it and I started smoking but didnt really feel any effects until the blunt was nearly gone. I noticed everything was kind of slow in a sense and I also noticed I couldnt stop myself from smiling and looked like a total idiot. He put the roach inside a bowl which made me even higher. After we where done he drove off and I was there alone and my mom called me, I got so paranoid and it made the high even more intense, she said she was coming to get me because I lied and said I was walking to a friends house so I told her I was in the woods and she couldnt get me right now, which was another lie. I went to the nearest ditch and started splashing water in my face to try and the high to go away, this didnt work and now as a veteran smoker I know that was the stupidest idea ever. I proceeded to walk down the road towards my house when I see my moms car coming, she picks me up and immediatly smells the pot and my eyes are bloodshot. She knew right away I was high and was furious. I continued to smoke and get caught until she eventually gave up and just let me smoke.
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  2. Priceless. :D
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  3. Hahah that's great! It's mad fucked up that he just left though. I always love getting people high for the first time, it feels like a honor.
  4. First time I got high was in a park I was about 12 and the other lads were about 16. They got me so high I was in the park fuked, couldn't move. Anyway they got tired of watchin over me and left. They came back 4 hours later and there I was still in the park fuked. Anyways I'm 24 now still smokin everyday and wouldn't change it for the world lol

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