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First time smoking alone

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jam.h, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. I'm not usually one to make a thread and if I have in the past I don't remember it but hey, here goes nothin.

    So last night a smoke MAYBE .3g and i go to prep another small bowl while outside on the balcony of my apartment. The balcony looks over some parking lot to some office buildings that I would have suspected to be totally empty at 1 am (not that it really makes a difference, I'm a good distance away). Anyway, back to the story, I hear what sounds like a big group of people talking and immediately I duck my head under the table. (not really sure why, just the weed i suppose) I hear these people talking and they were there for about 5 mins and they start to leave. This whole time i'm sitting on a chair with my head under this table but i just thought what the hell there leaving anyway, time for round 2. I finish of my 2nd bowl and I call it quits. However i still hear cars moving, and when i say moving i mean revving their engines like crazy. Keep in mind i STILL have my head under the table. I sit like this for what feels like 30 mins but in reality it was probably 5 or 6 mins. The sounds of the cars were still very eminent but all of a sudden i hear sirens and i make a brake and run inside my apartment... sadly i had forgotten i was under the table and i had hit my head so hard i was completely lost. It was probably a mix between the chronic and the soon to be golf ball sized lump in the back of my head but i couldn't remember where anythign was in my house. I found myself in the bathroom looking for the kitchen and vise versa. Eventually I found my bed and woke with a wicked headache the next day.

    I think thats the last time ill smoke alone, too many stories i wish i could enjoy with someone els who was there :smoke:
  2. Dont give up on smoking alone! Most people find it relaxing not having to worry about stupid shit friends will do or shit that might break. I always enjoy a nice bowl outside my apartment, im on the 3rd story(highest) so I really dont have to worry about many people smelling it or anyone seeing me. Only the people in the building across from me and see and no one cares here. I would say go to a nice spot in the woods and just blaze a few bowls, walk home and enjoy.

  3. Ahhh dude that kinda thing would be somewhat of a buzzkill to some people. I wouldn't associate it with smoking alone. Smoke some place more comfortable for you without disturbances like those.
  4. hahaha wow bad night huh? smoking alone is pretty chill. you think a whole lot deeper and its more of a constructive high if your alone. give it another try.
  5. Yeah I had a good time though under that table. I have never really been so scared and relaxed at the same time, it was kind of a nice feeling.
  6. yeah don't give up. first 3 times I smoked alone it was all shit and I freaked threw up 7 times onces, but eventually I got used to it and now it is all good:hello:. Smoking alone is sometimes nice because you can do what yo want when you want.
  7. Ever since I started buying my own herb I've been blazing alone, nothing beats laying under the sun on a blanket with a bong beside you and a nice book in your hands.

    The end of the story where you got lost in your own house reminds me of hanging out with my buddy yesterday, we were hanging out at his house and doing waterfalls of some decent buds. After 4 waterfalls each we decided to watch weeds as we're eating our pizza. We go into his basement and he asks me where we were. I told him we were at his place and he got all freaked out, telling me how he's never been in the room before (we were in his tv room, which takes up a good part of the basement) and he made me get the food from the kitchen and set up weeds because he was just too mangled (he said he was drinking since like 9am and I got there at around 1pm)

    Sorry for kind of hijacking the thread, but getting lost in your own house can happen when other people are there :smoke:
  8. i would base yur judgement on smoking alone on that one situation...i smoke alone all the time and have a helll of a good time doin so
  9. exactly. im unemployed right now and smoking weed makes me feel good. and im out doing stuff, meeting random people, its fun. I am a much nicer and better person when im high. Im just sick of people in my house keep bitching at me bc im high. they never fuck off. its a huge buzz kill and i gotta smoke another j to get thier bitching out of my head.
  10. I enjoy smoking by myself much more than if I were in a group. I find that the high is more intense and allows me to focus better on my thoughts, think deeper, and understand things better.
    Don't blame the bumping of your head on the fact that you smoked alone, that's irrelevant, but I guess smoking alone isn't for everyone, it's nice to have someone to talk to.
  11. Why did you hide ?
    Maybe it's different where you live, but they shouldn't be able to do anything to you if you're just smoking weed at your place. "Want some? What did you come here for then? It's a private property here, bitch"

    And even if they could, just stay relaxed and enjoy your smoke. They have small chances of seeing you, and if they come at your door, just throw the shit outside.
  12. Its fun smoking with frieds but sometimes...Just rolling up a personal. Listening to some Bonethugs just chillin, relaxed as fuck. Cant beat it.

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