first time smoking a hookah today

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  1. alright so this kid that my exfriends knows has a hookah. i didnt want to goto this kids house in the first place but it was no big deal. so we had no nugs :mad: and they has watermelon tobacco stuff for the hookah. i has no idea how to hit it i just purely inhaled it like a bowl but all my friends were getting thick smoke mean while im blowing very lite smoke. i was dissapointed.
  2. inhale without consequences..hookahs funn im sad it wasnt a good experiance for you..
  3. well i mean they tasted great but it was extremly hard to pull. like i wanted a thick smoke like a cohiba cigar
  4. You gotta rip those things.

    Once you do you'll get that taste.

    Hookahs are the best way to smoke hands down, but also fairly unhealthy.
  5. Yeah you've really got to pull for a while. The smoke isn't that harsh so it shouldn't be too bad.
  6. Inhale from your core; similar to the breathing form you would apply when using a vaporizer.
  7. That sucks. I am a hookah fanatic. I got some coals heating up right now haha. But Ideally with hookah, you get huge puffy white clouds that you can inhale to the deepest depths of your lungs. wow im blazed. :smoke::smoke:
  8. alright well i didnt have coals. it was moist tobacco it looked like, like slimy shit i dont even know. is it possibly to smoke bud out of a hookah?
  9. Gotta rip it harder if you want thicker smoke like stated above
  10. ya just mix it with a little shisha so the coal doesn't char it.

    You'll get high eventually.
  11. Wait, you were not using coals? Was there just direct flame exposure to the sheesha?
  12. im assuming sheesha is the miost slimy tobacco haha. but yes then thats what that means

  13. This, but if you dont regularly smoke tobacco and the mixture it too weak, or at the bottom of the bowl, then you will end up getting sick from tobacco before you get high. You can sprinkle it on top of the tobacco and it will be harsh, or you can mix the top half of the tobacco with weed and it will essentially vaporize it, pending that you dont burn it too bad. Remember to leave a 2-3mm space under the foil to not scorch it, and dont pack the tobacco too tight. A little will do. :smoke:

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