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first time smokin herb

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by blunt_Gabe, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. me and all of my friends always talk about the first time gettin high. hobbs comes over with his bong and 2 different types of bud. hobbss and john look at me and say u ever smoke. Hell ya . I watch my boys hit the bong studyin there every move. my turn and i spark it up....life never felt soo good .....i forgot the rest....what happened
  2. hey :) way to study! i love it. and respect it! :) so what did happen!!!!!!???!

    well i have to leave you with some lyrics, they remind me of a time when blunt gabe told me a story when he got high...

    What happened?
    Wake up in the morning,
    clock says half past one
    I have no sunglasses
    As I step into the sun

    There's no recollection
    of the evil things I've done
    My head feels like I musta' had some fun...
    ...I know I did something
    Lord what could it be
    Woke up in the morning
    And all my friends say me

    What happened?

  3. haha ..wtf? lol. i like that/ im not sure what u said but irs cool

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