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First time Smoker seeks help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by _Dip_Set_, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. I don't know if this in the right forum but I wanted know how to smoke weed because I told this two hot twins that I do and they are coming over tommorrow to smoke. Please I'm in a wierd position help.
  2. So you got 2 twin hotties coming over? You lucky feller! But I don't like the idea you are trying to entice girls over with some bud,especially as you don't even toke.

    Those girls will suss you in a second so dont try to give it the 'bigman stoner' thing.They'll get stoned and laugh you out of the place.
  3. just say you couldnt find any bud as you sold you laaast pound yesterday. then spend the rest of the day/night doing.... other stuff *wink wink*

    yes, im telling you to stick it in them!
  4. do you have game?? getting high might help
  5. well, smoking pot is a very complicated and long process. you put the weed in a pipe, light it with a lighter, and breathe in. unless your smoking with a pipe that has a carb...or you're smoking out of a joint...or a bong...or a blunt...or a bubbler...or a gravity bong....or a luck trying to figure it all out before they come over. hopefully you'll get laid:hello:
  6. uhhh you Light it. Inhale it. Blow it out. Repeat.
  7. i'm not sure exactly what you're asking. there are literally dozens of ways to smoke. if you've got cash, go buy something sick from your local headshop, and have a cristening party with em. Just tell the guy at the shop it's your first piece, and ask all the questions you want, without saying the words "pot, weed, anyotherwordformarijuana, bong" stuff like that.they're called "waterpipes" and they're used for "tobacco." now go blow all your money as pennance for your mouth writing a check your lungs don't know how to cash. Be a little more specific with your questions, and i'll be happy to help you out. twins is nice.
  8. Aside from the lying about smoking (they'll so be able to tell) your in an enviable position; the one of about to get blazed for the first time with hot twins. Best Case Scenario they'll be "aww how cute...hes so stoned....lets have a threesome"........then again it could go like--well I'm not gonna be an pesimistic asshole right now haha.
  9. Also there are a lot of twins that dont wanna have weird incest.
  10. First question is have you ever smoked any thing that you inhale, like cigs or hooka, yes people do smoke hooka with out weed in it, i personally love to mix bud and shisha(i cant spell). If you havent smoked before i recomend learning how to inhale before they come over cause other wise they are so so gonna no you've never smoked. My advise is to start smoking tonight:D but ya get some good dank if you can, its the best way to start and if you have any friends that have a bowl or bong you could barrow that would be good or just go buy a piece but either 1 is good. If you cant get any thing then you could pick up some papers but then we will be talking you threw rolling a J.
  11. Alright dude, heres the only thing u can do, call any friend u have that smokes and ask to buy some bud from them.You should also buy a pipe or borrow from a friend. Then you should smoke some before they come over incase u dont get high the first time. Finally you should try not to blatantly lie to twins...not smart. Im kinda torn as how to feel about this. Part of me hopes you pull it off, get high with some twins and mega laid. The other part of me hopes it falls apart and they laugh at you/ make fun of you and leave.(because you did lie)
  12. Im pretty sure your joint would look terrible and blow up in flames and melt of your eyebrows...karma's a bitch!

  13. Lying to girls that have no siblings is ok though.
  14. Yeah right man, get real. What fantasy world are you living in?
  15. Why don't you all get really drunk first, that way no one will realize you lied. ALthough having drunken sex is kind of a cheap shot.
  16. You poor poor naive man... you don't know any twins do you?


    You're screwed. Unless you have tokin buddies

    Because you can't roll, or make a bong, and don't have a pipe, so I would have to tell you to do the soda can piece, which would be a clear indication to them youre a noob

  17. Welcome to the city :wave:. Probably the best thing to remember is that you're smoking cause you wanna get high not cause you feel pressure from some hotties. Much as I like it I know a few people who don't smoke and are cool.

    Smoking is a really simple process just light, inhale, hold a couple seconds and then enjoy the buzz. Some people don't get high there first time, but with a few bowls I'm sure you'll notice something.

    peace out and have fun with the ladies :D
  18. So you don't smoke, but you lied about it just so that you could get some fucking prep twins to hang with you. Damn you suck. It's fucking posers like you that fuck things up for the rest of us real stoners. And as for not knowing how to smoke weed. It's not that difficult. Just go to google and type in homemade pipe or bong. God I fucking hate posers.
  19. /\ /\ why the anger?
  20. it's obvious that he's jealous that he doesn't get to nail a couple twins.

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