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First Time Shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by air4s777, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Tomorrow Im doing shrooms for the the first time in pretty siked to experience these magical mushrooms. Any dos or donts you want to let me know thanks.

    P.S. I read that you shouldnt do them if you tend to get paranoid which I do on weed sometimes should i still do them or not?
  2. Absolutely. Make sure you blast Lil Wayne whilst tripping. I heard playing with guns is fun while tripping on shrooms, so you should try that.
  3. i hope that sarcasm
  4. The last thing I would want to listen to while tripping would be lil wayne.

  5. No dude, Lil' Wayne is a genius, we should all live by his quotes.
  6. ^^I smell a troll.

    Anyways, I love shrooms and ive done them 4 times, some does would be:

    1. Go outside and enjoy nature.
    2. Play some diffrent kinds of music, find what you like.
    3. Enjoy them with a few friends if you want, or alone is fine.

    I don't suggest smoking any bud while doing this, because it will contaminate your trip, maybe try bud the second time around if you want.

    Have a good time:hello:
  7. OO aight thanks...I came up with the idea because I am on a tolerance break tomorro will be 12 days and Im not smoking until about 21 days so I decided to try something else out and my friend told my he was doing shrooms but he also wants to walk around on halloween which I think is a bad idead but he has taken them about 3 times before so he knows what to expect
  8. i personally don't like shrooms
    they taste like shit
    are expensive
    and you don't even trip that hard
    acid is definitly the way to go for psychadelics
    just my opinion though

  9. I don't give a fuck that you were joking, shit like that is not needed when someone is just asking for a little help. Don't bother posting if all you have to say is some sarcastic bullshit.

    To the OP, if you still want some advice, read the guide in my sig for beginners.

  10. I was being 125% serious. Asshole.
  11. The world needs more people like you
  12. find a good place to hike in the woods cause you get really in touch with nature.

  13. That's the way I look at it! My bad I'm not a serious, solemn, grim, arduous, sinister, somber person. When somebody makes a thread, that has been made countless times, in the wrong section at that, without even bothering to use the search button, that puts a target on his back for me. Sorry though, Mother Teresa!
  14. thanks for the posts guys and i cant go on a hike because im pretty much in a urban area

  15. I don't know,
    I would call the feeling not really paranoia, but just a feeling like something is wrong,
    Even if everything is 100% right...

    And I highly suggest tripping during the day your first time,
    night time is scary on boomers..
  16. shrooms are awesome, let us know how it goes. Watching movies and playing video games during is pretty sweet. Being outside going for a walk or whatnot is best I think. Just make sure your in a comfortable area and make sure you smoke during, and when you come down..it's intense.
  17. :Dive ate shroomies 15+ times. my first time i was scared. i suggest shrooming with people who are calm/not drunk. when i shroom at a party and a dude comes in the room yelling his head off i want to either duck or hide under something. just know weed will not calm u down, it will only make u think crazier thoughts, which i always want to do cuz its fun. but yeah dude: WHILE UR TRIPPING JUST KNOW IF IT GETS TOO CRAZY THAT IT WILL NOT LAST THAT LONG. lol:D
  18. Lil' Wayne is to genius what Hitler is to Humanitarian.

    Lil' Wayne is a fucking idiot...

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