First time shrooms - Crazy night

Discussion in 'General' started by Weebie, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Tonight was definitely the weirdest if not the craziest... Nope, definitely the weirdest.

    The night was lookin hella good because the day was amazing. Toked up all day lovin college life :) We were gona get some purple kush but it didn't come through so we got some boomers. 3 of us took half eigths each, but mine was hooked up fat but I don't know how much... it was a nice fat sack too ;)
    Anyway we took the shrooms and we went outside and toked a bowl and waited for it to kick in. We went for a walk and it was fucking awesome and we hadn't even peaked yet... We got back and I just sat on the a bench and talked to people and starred at lights... It was fucking amazing.
    I was startin to trip and this kid that I know is literally climbing the dorm. He's fucking scaling the wall up to the 4th floor... He then climbed a BIG ass tree and then climbed the scoreboard and got BUSTED by the cops. This is all while I was just sitting on the bench... It's right outside my dorm where a lot of people come and go. This very drunk kid was telling us stories about his childhood and how his mom used to do some CRAZY fucked up shit to him as a kid... Not cool while I was tripping.... He fucking talked about how his mom stabbed him in the face with a nail and showed us the scar in his mouth... Crazy shit like that...
    Then a fight almost broke out... Then another fucking fight almost breaks out....
    So at this point we just wanted to get the fuck outa here too much drama shit goin on. So we roll to a lake where we can just chill and toke some bowls. After a bowl we see a cop roll up and come down the hill with a flash light... We ditched the shit and roll out of there.

    We came back for the stash and I went alone ... while I was still tripping and it's a pretty fucking scary lookin lake but I was stoned and didn't give a fuck. So i go down there and look for the tree where I left it and I can't fucking find the damn tree and I'm standin there for like 3 minutes and I think I see a weird little midgit man standing by this tree.. I heard shit poping but I thought I was just trippin.. I looked at him for like a minute thinking I was trippin.
    I said Hello?... He was about 40 years old, short fat and he walked up to me and I said uh... Can I help you? He fucking said.... I don't know.. What do you want to do?

    I fucking jump back fucking yelled at this fucking creep. He started to walk away and I tried to call my friends but it didn't go through. I finally got a hold of one of them and by the time he got there he could see the man walking away down the lake so I was sure I wasn't completely loosin it.... I'm freakin the fuck out wanting to chase this creep down and leave him in the bloody mess on the sidewalk... We got out of there and toked some bowls.. I lost my trip for a while but then it came back to me after a few bowls and I saw some weird shit on the roof of the car... I was seeing like little red balls and asteroids n shit it was awesome.

    Sorry for the long read, but w/e it was a weird fucking night and especially to experience for the first time trippin on shrooms

  2. all that off half of an eighth of shrooms?

    thanks though, i plan on doing them 2morro for the first time
  3. Oh man, I hate being around people when I'm tirppin. I like to be alone maybe one or two friends, but yeah, seems like the world was lookin to fuck up your trip. Thankfully you didn't kill anyone.
  4. congrats on your first trip man. it's starting to get cold around here now, and everyone from here knows that cold brings 2 things.
    1, frost.
    2, as a result of the frost, MUSHROOMS =].
    We have a pickin expedition planned for next sunday, a week from today, and I can't wait.
    First time (only time) I took shrooms I took a little over a gram. This time we're going to drop 1/8's. I tries LSD twice this summer, and if you liked shrooms, and think you cna handle it, then I'd say try to hook up a date with Alice D.
  5. Man the first time I shroomed we split an eighth between three people! Did you know I am the first and only man to go to Pluto and back and live to tell about it. At least that's how it was on shrooms.
  6. I took 2g's of shrooms last night,first time ever, ppls faces were melting and the HD TV UT game every body looked like cartoons in the crowd, and everytime some1 moved there mouth it looked like it was gunna fall off thier face. Didn't hallucinate really, just some objects lookin like somethin else in my pereferal(sp?) vision. Also I was on the top of a car with my feet on the trunk and my hands holding onto the top of the windows when they were rolled down. I jumped off when he was goin ten, I was trippin and didnt even attempt to stay up so I just jumped and rolled, got a cut but it didnt hurt, pretty fun night
  7. damn, i was reading this and when i got to the part about the creepy little man, i was thinking "that sounds a hell of a lot like potters lake" and then i scroll up and you live in kansas. am i right, you go to ku?
  8. lol you probably missheard the guy and freaked out. i can imagine that being really funny to watch. sounds like a funny evening though.
  9. sounds like a good time...I've gotten some flame boomers in Lawrence as well as some chocolates that had me tripping balls. Come to think of it I'm gonna round up some friends to trip this weekend..FALL BREAK hell yea

    by the way I've chilled around potter lake while tripping's awesome
  10. hell yes, that's my plan as well. we might see each other around town while tripping.
  11. Holy shit guys you live in Lawrence?!

    Niiiice but yeah man DON'T GO TO POTTERS LAKE LATE AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    God I will never go back without like 5 guys around me... We had a fucking cop come after us and then a fucking molester tried to molest me... I'm not going back for a long ass time.
  12. yeah I live in Lawrence I go to KU...I've chilled down at Potter's lake a bunch before with no problems but I guess it's been over a year since I last did. I'm so jacked for fall break...hitting the bars on Mass st. hard tonight. Gonna pick up some chronic too after I check my bank account and make sure things are in order.

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