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  1. So last weekend was my first time taking shrooms. I took them friday and a higher dose on saturday. ill talk about the trip on saturday because it seemed more intense. Me and a couple friends drove about 2 miles outside town to a farm where we jumped the fence and scouted for shrooms for about 5 minutes, yeilding about 20 good ones. we were all new to the shroom experience and we went back to my house and I ate about 8 mushrooms. the two friends who were with me when i picked them ate the rest.i took a shot of liquor because russ said it would make the psilocybin break down faster, because the previous day we waited 30min-1hr for the trip. this seemed to work because in about 10 minutes i started feeling the first effects of the shrooms. after we got back from the fields i found my friend, my bestfriend with his girlfriend and one of her girlfriends in my room, which wasnt a problem for me except that i didnt know the other girl and when i started trippin i felt paranoid having strangers at my house. there were 7 of us in total until the two who went to look for shrooms with me left in there car to go to another girls house. so the five of us left were sitting in my room and after one of my friends consumed the rest of the alchohol i really started feeling the trippy effects of the shrooms. I felt like taking a shower because i had cow shit on my hands and i was sweaty and had dog breath lol. when i got in my bathroom i started freakin out at my bathroom mat. i looked in the mirror and thought i looked quite like one of the tree monsters from lord of the rings twin towers, a trent i think there called. I took some really deep breaths and it felt good the air going into my lungs. i didnt think i could take a shower because i felt paranoid and was having bad feelings about it. so i went outside and called out my friend who was already kind of drunk from drinking the rest of my liquor. we both went on a walk and i was amazed to seee the world breathing and the sky and trees seemed to be comming right at me. the whole atmosphere seemed to be a light shade of lavander. we walked around for a while until i calmed down and went back into my house where i took a shower and brushed my teeth. after i got out of the shower i went back into my room were my friends were and we put on some calm and trippy music and layed in my bed where i got really close to the girl i didnt know. It felt really good and made me happy just lying with her and playing with her arm because it would grow and shrink with the music. the whole room would grow and shrink when i shifted my glance and i was feeling pretty good from that point on. my girlfriend called and said she was going to come over after the friend whos house she was ats parrents fell asleep. the five of us went on a walk and i felt really nice and talkative. my friends girlfriend had newport kings (my favorite ciggarette) and she gave everyone but me and i was sitting there wondering were the fuckin cigarettes were comming from. her friend gave me hers after she took like one hit and i felt so powerfull on the shrooms i smoked half the cigarette in one hit. I probly could of ripped a grav of anything because i felt like my lungs could handle anything. after i smoked all of that i felt extremley light headed and my friends girl gave me her short and i finished that. i felt amazing and i put both shorts out on the palms of my hands that yielded a form of euphoria. i felt the burn and had two blisters but i didnt mind it. we walked to a point were we sat down and i let my dog off her leash to run around freely. I was sitting on the ground and decided to climb a palm tree but i couldnt make it all the way to the top. after we chilled for a while while i stared at peoples faces and the sky and the road we went back to my house. shortly after my girlfriend called and they forgot how to get to my house so me and my friend started walking out to meet them on the main road. i felt like running so i took off at an incredible speed. my friend who was completley sober and in better shape than me couldnt keep up because i must have been runnning 30 miles an hour for about 4 blocks untill we met the girls on there bikes. there were 4 of them two of which i didnt know were comming but they soon left along with my friends girl and her friend so it was perfect timing. i remembered i had 3 10mg valiums in my pocket so i decided to pop those since i had been saving them for saturday. me and my girl got close and made out for a while and i felt completley loved and was in a happy mood. this went on untill about 1:30, about 5 and a half hours after i ate the shrooms. when she and her friend had to leave i felt sad and lonley. I walked around for a while by myself after my two remaining friends went to sleep. I walked around for about 10 minutes alone and had thoughts about suicide. i couldnt really find a good enough reason to stay alive because i felt i understood everything about god and nature. i wanted to fly and be at peace and i started crying. i was thinking why did i let her leave and many other deep thoughts. my stomache was hurting and i thought to myself that i wouldnt take shrooms anymore. the effects of the shrooms had mostly worn off and i went back to my room and fell asleep. the next day i felt back to normal. my whole trip overall was pretty amazing and i probly will try shrooms again. that day i found out that my other two friends who left at the begining of the trip watched rest house at the girls house and one of my friends russel went to the hospital after he had a really really bad trip watching people getting cut up in the movie. This is the seccond time hes been to the hospital first time for ODing on angel trumpet flower tea and tripping mega balls and almost killing himself. he was fine but he said hes not doing shrooms again either. so thats my story. pretty much shrooms are the shit and i really wanna try LSD now. anyone else have a story to share?
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  3. he wrote all this out for the sake of sharing his wonderful experience and you just won't read it because it's in a bad format?
    I read it fine
  4. Yes my friend I would love to read and comment but no one am I doing so please us paragraphs and we'd be happy to read your story.

    I love shrooms looks like you had fun... I think I wouldn't know because I couldn't read it.
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