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Discussion in 'General' started by the lego man, May 4, 2006.

  1. I can't smoke anymore cuz the parents found out a few times and I am pretty well screwed. I figured since I can't blaze, I'll trip balls on shrooms. Thing is, I have never tripped on shrooms before, I have tripped on cid though. I have heard that I should take an entire 1/8 my first time and of course on an empty stomache. What do you all think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I'm probably gonna be doin them this weekend so some things to do while trippin would be appreciated also.
  2. Good friends, music, environment, and knowledge.
  3. Haha, well the past weekend i chewed a quarter in one sitting..WAS NOT fun at all lol..but if you chew like 3.5 you should be good..just yah, just be ready to trip balls, its a fun drug.
  4. yeah..down em with oj it will increase the trippiness

  5. pretty sure that's untrue but i may be wrong.

    i love mushrooms. i personally like the taste they are like stale sunflower seed tasting stems...and i love them.
  6. First time I did booms I ate two chocolates with a little over a gram in each, and about a gram of just caps. I was tripping balls for 5 hours and had a GREAT time. Hung out with friends, listened to music (awesome, I recommend some techno), and just chilled and enjoyed the great body high. When I looked at people their faces were all distorted and I couldn't stop cracking up. Lots of other awesome things happened that I can't recall at the moment. Basically I've eaten mushrooms a few times since then but the first time was the best.
  7. ya make sure and check the date on the OJ if you go that route

    apparently i downed mine with very old OJ and puked balls while i was trippin balls, not very fun

    althought i remember looking at my puke in the toilet and it was the trippiest thing ever lol (ya prolly didnt wanna know that)

    i dont know why but when i puked thats the hardest i have ever tripped off an 8th

    a few others have told me they have experienced harder trips after puking as well?

    maybe someone should look into this lol
  8. thanks everybody, and I hear that going for a nature walk is an awesome thing to do while trippin balls on shrooms. What do you guys think of that? I will definitly do shrooms this weekend and I am sooo excited!:D
  9. Anonther thing is if you grind up your shrooms and put it in a shot glass with 1/2 shroom powder and 1/2 lime juice it helps, and cranberry juice too ive heard

  10. I have 5 grams somewhere downstairs, I ate 2grams a few nights ago and now I cant find the rest.:(
    Hopefully I find them before tonight.

  11. good friends.. whol eigth.. dont eat past nine the night before and take them.. i suggest ither 1 take them outside in day on nice warm day.. or iunside at night on a shittier day .. grind up or cut finely and drink w/ oj or make a sandwitch ( i suggest oj so ur stomach is COMPETLY empty)

    and your 18 u can smoke all u want.. just dont do it in their house or near it and try not to reek like it when u come in so they dont boot ya ass onto the street..

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