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Discussion in 'General' started by Foreman, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. so tonight when i get home im gonna go to a friends house and buy some shrooms, and i was wondering, what is the usual price for an 1/8th? im gonna get it $35. and should i eat all of them or what. i only ate shrooms one other time. that was a couple of years ago when my neighbor went up to oregon and picked a shitload. me and a couple of friends of mine each ate a handful but they were bogus.we didn't trip, but luckily we didn't die. so any suggestions would be appreciated. :wave:
  2. 1/8 for 35 is the typical price, but I get them for 45 and 1/8:(

    Id eat half of them if its gonna be your first real trip, but if you think you can handle it definately take the full eighth you wont regret it.
  3. I had my frist trip a couple days ago. I ate around 3 grams. Got an 1/8th for 30.
  4. 35 is normal price around here for an 8th of shrooms.

    Eat the whole bag it'll be fun :hippie:
  5. right on. is that a regular sized ziplock. if so im eatin em all.
    i'll report what happens in a couple of days.
  6. Yep, sandwhich size.
  7. as a shroom expert here.. id say take half the 8th ur first time.. as several others said.. but around here shroom prices are only 25$ an 8th.. have fun man!!
  8. 20-25 ur gettin ripped
  9. i wouldnt say he is getting ripped.. prices are going to differ based on location and season.. and just how common they are at the time.. shit i have seen them sell for as high as 40$..
  10. I tripped my first time a couple weeks ago. I bought about 3 grams and only took two to start off with, but found it extremely fun and uplifting so I decided to chomp down the other gram. 35$ is a good deal for an eigth, I think I paid 35$ for 3 grams. Have fun, be safe, and remember to eat in moderation. It's always good to have someone with you when you do it because it's not necessarily scary alone, but it's just not fun when you're by yourself.
  11. yeah u should really stick to talkin about marijuana.. no offense but reccomending 4 grams is rediculous.. honest to god.. for a first timer take 2 grams TOPS.. kick back and enjoy yourself

    dont mean to be a dick, but people who dont understand psilobin shouldnt give advice about it.. its a very different drug

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