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  1. im trying shrooms for the first time on thursday night then again on sunday night. I plan on doing 2.5 grams both nights and have my friend do 1 gram both nights. we both weigh about 130-150 lbs so what effects should we expect? should we eat nothing throughout the day? also, im going over my friends house whose TV broke which means no TV or xbox. any suggestions on whats fun to do while on shrooms?
    thanks alot!
  2. Lot of questions, haha.

    Well personally I'd spread the time between shroom trips out a bit, but that's your choice. Expect the unexpected...seriously. Things will move randomly, you might see weird patterns on the floor, stuff morphing around, etc.

    Going for a walk is a must, nature looks amazing while shrooming it up. Don't eat for like 8 hours before you take them, that's what I did and had an amazing experience.

    Good luck, have fun, and remember it's all in your head.

  3. You can eat, just dont eat anything for 2 hours before you plan on doseing, when you do plan on doseing eat a couple crackers or maybe a piece of bread before eating the shrooms.

    No tv is good, you wont be distracted by it, get some good music, go out for walk, smoke a cig, shoot the haluciniginc shit with your buddy, maybe stare into the mirror :D trust me on that one.
  4. Dude...staring in a mirror freaks me out while on mushrooms. My face starts pulsating, it looks all weird, and then I tell myself "I'm dead" and in the mirror it appears that I'm dead.
    It's weird seeing yourself in that condition, it might freak you out at first. Then you just get lost in it :p
  5. u should def space out your trips, sounds like u guys spilt a quarter right? just both eat a eight each (3.5g) eat somthing in the beggining of the day it your going to trip at night, if you plan on tripping during the day dont eat anything. happy tripping!
  6. this is my first psychedelic and I haven't really been smoking for than long (like 4 or 5 months) so I don't want to trip too hard. Do you think I'll be okay on an 8th?
  7. Do not take an eigth for your first time. If the booms aren't very good than an eigth wouldn't be much of a problem, but if you have some good booms and eat an eigth for your first time it is going to be far too intense, believe me.
  8. This is true. I took an 1/8 both my trips and the second won was far too intense. They were a lot better and I freaked out and forgot I took shrooms. Was in a different planet and couldn't understand anyone..most terrifying thing I ever experienced. At the end I was so thankful to be back to normal I almost cried.
  9. everyone is different, but i took an eight with 2 of my buddys ( we each took an eight) and we had the most fun time ever dood, and they lassted for like 8 hours we were smoking ganj the hole time of course! and we had a gram of opium!
  10. don't listen to that punkass, eat an eighth... you're friend should definitely be eating more than a gram or he's just gonna end up wasting good booms.
  11. my first time i ate an 8th, then a few hours later i ate prob another 2 grams. I was worried what it would be like at first, but after i started trippin i loved it and wanted more and more.

    but yea everyones diffrent.

    maybe eat a half an 8th for your first time. then wait 2 weeks before you trip again, then that time you can make a better judgment of how much you want.

    The next time i trip i want to eat a quarter. Its just hard for me to spend that kind of money for one day.
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    I took 2 my first time then 3.5 my second time. The time I took 3.5 was definitely a lot more fun, I tripped way harder, but it also ended in a bad trip. Which was terrifying. So make sure you have a calm and comfortable environment to do it in. That's just as important as how much you take, because if you freak out thats like $40 wasted. As for fun things to do, if ya'll are tripping hard, just go out in the woods and look at everything. Doesn't sound like it would be much fun, I know, but totally different when on shrooms.

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