First time 'shroom user. Need Help

Discussion in 'General' started by Noverech, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. yeah what he said...cause if u just intensifies ive heard...i too am a big guy...and i ate the whole 8th my first shroom trip. and it was great
  2. can you OD on shrooms?
  3. no ODing on shrooms.

    theoretically you could, but its physically impossible to ingest enough.
  4. With shrooms the best way to trip is to be in a low key enviroment with friends and in a place that makes you feel comfortable.

    Like most other hallucengentic drugs the trip has a lot to do with the situation your in (i.e. enviroment)

    Also make sure that there is no stress/somthing bad that happened that day, becuase that usually means that you could get a bad trip. gives TONS of information on shrooms.

    I'm trying shrooms my first time on friday--I've done extensive research on shrooms though. Just like any other drug make sure you research the hell out of it (pros AND cons)

    And I think that its a good idea if you just do the shrooms and no other drugs--not even pot. If you do JUST the shrooms youll see what its like JUST on shrooms.

    For me if I smoked some pot I wouldn't know if most of the body high is from the grass or from the shrooms.

    But hey smoking pot would help the effects to be prolonged (stay longer) and contribute to the trip.
    I guess I"m just into trying the drug by itsself and then after I try it once by itself then I cocktail it.

  5. Mooooooo! Shrooms! Yummy!

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