First time shroom trip?

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  1. Turns out I'm being drug tested in a couple weeks, so since ive had to lay off the herb for a while I'm looking for a mind opening experience, which brought me to shrooms.

    Now anybody with a hefty amount of shroom experience, what advice can you give to a first timer?

    How can i ensure a good trip, how much should i take, etc.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken there's a few different types of shrooms, as far as the psychoactive ingredient goes, does the type matter?

    Thanks GC :wave:
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    Psilocybe cubensis i believe are the most prevalent as far as the black market is concerned and are the ones i prefer to take just because they are easiest for me to identify. For all you need to know...

    A suggestion i have is from personal experience. Dont do it alone for your first time and dont bother having a sober "sitter". Instead i would suggest doing them with someone who is fairly experienced with the trip, for your first time, but also someone you know and trust. The reason i say this is because often times a sober sitter cant always be trusted to not fuck with the person tripping, (its not always fun being sober), and if everyone involved is tripping thats less likely to happen. Plus its just more enjoyable knowing the person/people youre with are tripping too.

    How much you should take is hard to judge without knowing the potency and the only way i ever know the potency is when i trip :p . So for the first time dont go light weight on yourself. Read up on dosages on erowid but i would suggest taking at least 2.5 grams but no more than 5. You dont want to just "buzz" off them...especially your first time.
  3. Ahh yes thank you for the helpful insight. And dont worry I've been reading just about everything on erowid there is about them haha.

    I'll definitely keep that in mind with having an experienced friend with me, seems like it would take away a lot of the anxiety/fear of "tripping to hard"
  4. The most important thing you can do towards having a good trip is make sure you are in the proper environment. Almost every story of a bad trip that I have heard can in some way be attributed to lack of mental preparation or poor environment. With this in mind you should have a trusted friend as a sitter, preferably somebody who has previously experienced mushrooms but the most important factor is that it be somebody you trust. The best setting for tripping is somewhere you are familiar with such as your house or a friends house, as long as no parents are home. Nature is also incredible for tripping, the woods are a great setting if you have any near you.

    As far as dosage is concerned I would start with half an eighth. I see many posts on here advising first timers to eat a full eighth which is very poor advice in my opinion. I consider this to be far too high of a dose for a first timer, as it will be a very intense trip and you have no idea how you will react to mushrooms. How individuals react to psychedelics is very hard to predict, so an eighth on your first time could either be an absolutely incredible experience, or one of the most uncomfortable and terrifying things you have ever felt in your life.

    The final, and most important piece of advice I would leave you with is to just let the mushrooms take ahold and go with the trip. It will probably feel a little strange at first because you have never experienced anything like this in your life before, but the most important thing to do is not fight the feeling and just let your mind go where it wants to.
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    Wow again thank you, another incredibly helpful post. The GC community never fails to impress :)

    Also couple more random questions, a lot of trip reports seem to have people covering up clocks and watches and such, why is this?:confused:

    And a lot of them mention "ego-loss" during the trip, what exactly is meant by that?
  6. Have no worries: be in a care-free environment that you know and are comfortable with. Make sure you wont have any worries for the next ten hours, no visits from people you wouldnt want knowing your on shrooms, no work responsibilities, no kids, etc.

    Dosage: I would reccomend eating about 1.5-2 grams and waiting about an hour, if you like what you feel and feel you can handle more then eat a little more and so on. It is always better to trip a little less hard and be safe because you can always go back for more, however when you dose a large amount at one time there is no going back!

    Sitter: My first time i did it alone, however i only ate a half eighth so i could handle it. I strongly reccomend having a sober sitter, THAT YOU CAN TRUST, or an expirienced mushroom user if no one will be sober. This is key to reducing anxeity/panic.

    Other Advice: Dont eat on an empty stomache, but also dont eat them on a really full one either. I advise eating a light meal about 2 hours before you trip. Go with the flow, dont fight the trip because the mushrooms will win! Knowledge is key, so make sure to do extensive research, not just on shrooms but about anything you want to try, before you take them. You can watch a movie, not a scary one, play video games, this will be quite hard but entertaining nonetheless, listen to your favorite music, and going for a walk in nature is a must!

    The most important thing to remember is to keep good vibes, have a posative attitude, and have fun!

    Happy Tripping!
  7. The first and foremost important thing I find with shrooming is make sure your in a really good mindset, if your depressed or stressed or angry etc.


    Second try to do it with someone who has done it before if your going to have a sober sitter or if the people you are with are all also tripping thats fine too. Basically you really dont need people fucking with you.

    As for dosage my first time and every time I have done it after I took an eighth. It doesn't seem worth it to me if im not gonna get the full effect. I see a lot of kids be scared and take a half and either they hardly trip or the bug out because they were scared in the first place

    My main recommendation though is have milk in your fridge. If you start bugging out later into the trip catching your self saying... "I want this to stop, I want this to stop" Go to the fridge and chug a shit load of milk.

    It will calm your stomach and slow the poison. It will also help put you to sleep is the main part.

    Good luck and happy tripping!
  8. yeah its mad annoying when ppl who dont understand mushrooms are with you they are always fucking with you and shit and you just want to punch them. definatly have some one with you, you need some one there to keep reminding you your ok, and its just a drug, peferbly you want some one there who is doing the shrooms with you, if you cant do that, have a friend that has done shrooms before and UNDERSTANDS what you are going through. I have ate an eight by myself the first two times i tripped and i was freaking out so bad i was like i want this to stop its never gonna end, so i called one of my budys and had him come over at like 1 in the morning lol, u know u got a good friend if he come over at 1 am cuz your trippin sack and htink your gunna die lol.

  9. they can alleviate depression.... if that is the intent of the trip
  10. Eat half an eigth. If they are good shrooms, you will trip pretty hard off this dose and if you eat an eigth of good shrooms you will be so far gone that you won't even remember what drug you're on or if you're even on anything in the first place. If they turn out to not be very good, than you can always do it again with a larger dose.

    Also, make sure you are in an anxiety free setting. Do not trip at your parents house while they are home or something else along those lines because you will almost certainly freak out.

    Like pretty much everyone else said make sure to have a trusted sitter and/or a trusted companion tripper. I like tripping with a couple friends while also being around sober people. Sober individuals help you stay more grounded to reality.

    Finally, when you are tripping, take a walk, be with nature. There is nothing like seeing the wonder of nature in all its glory while you have a head full of psilocybin.

    I hope you have fun with your first experience. Good luck.
  11. Stay outside in a nice, naturey place the whole time if at all possible.

  12. he said it-- what i would recommend word for word
  13. Thank you all for your informative posts! :hello:

    Hopefully if everything goes to plan I'll be reporting back to you guys sometime next week with a slightly different perspective on things. ;)
  14. My suggestion is staying away from public... on your first time.. also like said above..i believe they can intensify what ever mood your are in.. so dont be angry or sad. also dont have any plans for the rest of the day ;) stay in a comfortable and well known enviorment for your first time after you know what to expect you may feel comfortable goin in public

    ive always found it ezer to trip at night.. also try to always remember reality and the reality is you took shrooms and are tripping and remind yourself of that. so not to get caught up in it..

    exp: if your are walkin in a field and see a cow patty and for some reason you think it is a gorilla head... dont touch it... lol (my best friend stuck his fingers in cow shit while trippin)
  15. that would be horrifying.

    to the OP, i would do them outside on a pleasant day, somewhere you can walk without risking running into people you don't know. everything else, i think has been mentioned, having someone with you on shrooms too, etc.

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