First Time Shroom Trip

Discussion in 'General' started by T9skswhenyourhi, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Well, after much anticipation, I think m ready to trip on shrooms, in fact, I am fucking stoked on the idea of it. There is one thing im not sure of, how much to take.

    I weigh about 114
    im 5' 7"
    skinny as fuck
    dont eat alot
    I have a pretty high metabolism, and as far as I know, normal tolerence levels to drugs I have done ( Weed, DXM, Painkillers, Exanex [ bad trip, fucked up for 2 days straight ] )

    By the end of the week I will have about 30 bucks or so to spend, im sure that is more than enough for shrooms ( as the average shrooms run 20-40$ per 1/8th. I have read up on it some, I have been lurking erowid for the past 3 hours, my friends have all done it, no reports of too bad expierences. I will be droping them about 12 o'clock friday night after marching band and the highschool football game. I plan on making a sandwich and putting them on it, is this straight ?

    I know most of what to expect, anything else i should know about ?

    thanks for the help.
  2. Yes respect that shrooms and they shall respect you... happy shroomin oh and dont forget to have someone sober for when you do it..:wave:
  3. by all means don't jump out your window .:eek:
  4. Oh I will :)

    I was planning on doing them by myself, I have alot of people I can call, is it nesscessary to have somebody with me ?
  5. I live on the 3rd story of my house, umm, ha, from what I have read, I dont think i will know how to even open my window, much less unlock it ( I will lock them before I take the shrooms )

  6. well my 1st time yeah i needed one sometimes the trip can be intense and you need someone to calm you down..yes i recommended (although not necessesary)
  7. alright. I will try to get one of my friends to come over.

  8. My first time I was with two friends, both of which were also tripping for the first time, and we had an awesome time. Also, we tripped with another friend, so there were four of us, and it was the fourth guy's first time. Then again, we did stay in our hotel in amsterdam for the entire time. :D
  9. anybody going to respond to my original questions ?
  10. Niceee. Thats what all my friends did there first time, except they slept ina cornfield in the middle of NC, minor detail ...... :)
  11. Haha sorry dude. I'm about the same as you, but I weigh a little more, and half an eighth gave me a really good first time, but you might wanna go for more if you wanna really trip out. Also try and do them in a private or secluded environment. When my friends and I tripped in Amsterdam we were laughing the whole time and being really loud, so it was good that we stayed in our room. As for eating them on a sandwich, that's fine as long as you actually consume them. I originally heard that vitamin C intensifies the trip, but when we bought shrooms in Amsterdam they gave us vitamin C pills in case our trip went bad, so I guess I was wrong. You might wanna bring some vitamin C just in case though. Happy shrooming. :D
  12. Buy 2g's for a first time. I'm also curious how tripping alone is? I've only tripped with large groups of people, and that seemed the best.

    Who's tripped alone, is it fun?
  13. Sounds good. So like 1 stem + half eigth ?
    I am planning on doing it in my room, my parents should be asleep, I can usually be pretty quiet; im a ninja. Thanks for the info. +rep if i can figure out how ......
  14. I'd prefer by myself, non-tripping people give me weird vibes, but that's me, you may be different. I feel sitters dilute the experience.
  15. Yeah man, I can understand that. I think i might get the same feeling.
  16. $30 will get you an 8th of some decent shrooms. i think making a sandwhich will take them longer to affect you, and they really don't taste bad. make sure you have plenty of ganja babe :smoking: shrooms are a blast, sometimes i just feel like a fuckin idiot, but it's all good. i recommend having a trip partner, i perfer females. have fun buddy!

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