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  1. n00b here and had to set up on a very limited budget. Anyone with experience have any opinions?

    Tent - 2' x 4' x 5'

    Light- one of those cheap Amazon LEDs that claims to be 600w but isn't really

    Doing four plants in 3gal canvas pots (soil)

    Am I going to need more light? Too many plants? I got my seeds from Seedsman, so I think I'm good there
  2. In veg it'll be ok u might need another for flower imo

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  3. What are you planning on growing? Photos, autos? Sativa-dominant strain or Indica-dominant?
  4. Photos and indica dominants (one strain, Chocolate Kush, is pure indica)
  5. My only suggestion is to make sure to watch that they don't get too tall, even though they are autos, because of the 5' height limit of the tent.
  6. Can you get a 2x4x6 instead of 5? You may be happier with the extra height.

    Find out what the actual wattage of your light. You are going to need around 50 watts per square foot to flower effectively.

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  7. Already have the tent, so I'll have to work with it. I've been thinking I'll need to try and train them to spread out more than up with a trellis.

    As for the light, sounds like I may just need to to invest in a second one when I can. Can't check actual wattage at the moment, but I'm pretty sure it's in the neighborhood of 150.
  8. You will need approximately 400 actual watts for that space.
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  9. Does anyone have experience with this type of light?

  10. It alleges to be better than the typical purplish LED grow lights. The one I already have is one of those purple ones, so if I did get it, I'd be using both.

    Those two won't get me up to 400 actual watts, but I don't have much of a choice but to add lighting slowly. If I had two "600w" LEDs, could I fill in the cracks with a couple of cheap standard lightbulbs, or wouldn't that really add anything?
  11. That light is probably only 100w - beware when they don't tell you the actual power draw.
    What's the purple light you already have?
  12. It's a Maxisun. Just checked it out, and actual draw is 135w
  13. Hi
    I will toss this out .. ok you pretty much wasted you money , As one GC member already said you need 400 watts of the kind of LED lighting you already bought .

    If you were to buy Samsung Quantum boards KITS and wired them in your self .
    Then this light will work perfectly .
    One you can dim the light to 200w get longer life out of the QB's
    Second Samsung Quantum boards AKA ( QB'S . only use half the energy of all other LED lights.

    There are video's how to wire up your own light or there are several members who can help you online .
    260W QB V1 LED Kit Get the 3000 K boards
    With the Samsung QB's your plants only requires 28 watts per square foot .
  14. So, that kit alone will be sufficient for the entire tent, you're saying? Or would I need to run it alongside the light that I already have?
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    If you end up looking at quantum boards you should take a look at They have the best priced quantum boards that compare exactly to hlg. They have samsung lm301b and lm301h diodes. I bought the 260watt grow light from them a few weeks ago and love t.
  16. Site dont work!!

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  17. Sorry man, fixed the link but they are Niemi LED -
  18. YES

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