first time setup, 7'H x 7'W x 1.75'D

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  1. First time getting things going outside of a pc box, the room was a sliding door closet, I put up false wall where the doors were and built a small trap door on the 1.75' side, now Im not really sure how to set the room up, only solid plans right now is a 400 watt MH/HPS for lighting and I have the ventilation system drawn up, just seeing if anyone has any ideas on the best use of my long skinny space
  2. Oh and I want to use soil or soilless, but am open to hydro and aero ideas too
  3. Since you dont have much depth to your room, I would definitely recommend a cool tube because of their small, compact design.

    Something like this: Hydrofarm RFCOOL6 6" Cool Tube
  4. Id go sog. Plants everywhere but a cool tube is a really good idea in that space
  5. Thanks for the tips what worries me is touching the walls, I didn't think I could do a SOG without having anything touching the walls
  6. definitely need some sort of air cooled hood. thats kinda a big foot print for a 400w.. think about how close it will need to be in the beginning.. how many plants you plant in squeezing under that lamp? given any thought to a second light or a light mover?
  7. I have an air cooled hood, but its almost as wide as the closet is deep, and I have it on pulleys for height adjustment, like I said, lighting and ventilation are pretty much covered. my main concern is actual arrangement, I wanted to use all 7 feet of the closet, but with such a narrow space, I'm worried about branching and touching the walls causing mold and pest problems. And if I go SOG how will I tend to those unlucky guys in the back of the closet that are 7 feet from the door?
  8. weigh your options bro.. maybe you'd be better of with a few plants and some LST..
  9. Just checking back with you guys, decided to drop the extra money and get a quantity badboy t5 4' 8 tube for lighting, after weighing my options I decided to have a flower room at a different location, where I will switch to the 400 watt hps fixture I've got, just waiting on one more paycheck to place a seed order and I'm gonna get the ball rolling sometime in the next few weeks. thanks for the advice, after some more research, I think I will have this first run to get a healthy mother or two and clone out a SOG for round two
  10. Quantum* bad boy

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