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  1. So I'm looking to purchase my first round of seeds. I know what I want and I am almost settled on where I would like to buy them from. My dilemma is I am in the tristate area and I do not have access to any hydro shops. So my only option is to order online. I have looked at every seed bank the google has to offer from local to overseas. One thing they all offer is discreet shipping, however, you hear stories about people's purchases being seized by the feds but that's usually in cases of larger imports. You also hear about people receiving fines and having their orders seized by local authorities. Now since this is my first buy and I don't know much about federal laws prohibiting such purchases is quite resistant to give my information to any seed bank and I am even less comfortable giving out my shipping address. So I am looking for any tips and information on,
    >What are the risks?
    >How to limit risks?
    >Most trusted seed bank?
    >Options for shipping locations?(eg. PObox)
    >Things to avoid?
  2. I'm sure plenty of folks will chime in on there favorite seed bank. The risk is minimal, I have never had beans confiscated by customs but my understanding is you would receive a letter telling you it is illegal to ship beans or seeds across borders. I would have them shipped to a friend or family member who does not grow. Use a bogus name so the friend can deny any knowledge of what is in the package. I planned on returning to sender, I didn't order it. Have them leave the unopened package on their kitchen counter for a couple of days, then go pick them up. I have used this method a few times. Sent to a trusted family member who is squeaky clean, a non grower smoker. I have used nirvana and a friend of mine has used Herbies. If I was going to use ether of those two, I would use Herbies. Much larger selection including nirvana seeds. Nirvana only sells there own seeds and I wasn't that happy with there stuff. However I've only bought 5 different strains, they have about 30. Herbies has a lot of breeders to choose from with hundreds of strains. The stealth shipping is cool, just make sure your friend doesn't throw it away thinking it is junk mail. Others will tell you there method and I will be interested in reading them. This is how I've done it. Good luck
  3. The Vault

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  4. The vault, They're awesome. I've never heard of anyone getting a fine, only seeds taken and the vault will replace them if customs snags them.
  5. The vault has done me very proud , they offer discreet shipping and have some of the best customer service if not the best in the industry
    That has been my experience , others may differ )
  6. Yep the vault is great, their stealth is better than most. I've had an order seized by customs from a different company but always had great luck with the vault. When mine were confiscated I never got a letter but the tracking ended at customs and never continued, that was the only way I knew. Customs has bigger fish to fry. Seeds don't contain thc so it's harder to hold up. You may have thought you were buying novelty seeds or hemp seeds, they won't come after you.

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