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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by daemon, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Hi I am a first-time cultivator who, because of lack of space and funds, has decided to go with the quick and highly productive "Sea of Green" method. I plan on using flourescents, a soil mix, and induce flowering when they are approx 10 inches high. All this must be done in a cabinet 25 inches high, 27.75 wide, and 16 deep. I will be planting from seed this time. so i will need to cut out males before putting in this place. Except from this, i have very little idea on what I'm doing. Any suggestions on soil, nutrients, air flow, strain of plant, watering, draining, and smell containment would be greatly appreciated. Also, how far apart from each other should I plant the females? I have heard anything from one per square foot to four, and are very confused.
  2. Well you can fit 4 per square foot when they're seedlings but usually 1 per square foot, and in flowering they might take up more space than that. You've only got 25 inches to work with vertically...I don't think that's enough, even with flouros. Let's say your pot is 8 inches high, and you want to flower at 10. That's 18 inches right there. Just start reading up on it and check out people's sigs in the growing forums.
  3. i wouldn't start flowering at 10 inches if you only have 25 to work with. plants can grow 2 to 3 times over in their flowering stage. its gunna be a close one!
  4. 12/12 from seed
  5. One thing that's helped me a lot is to read “Marijuana Horticulture” by Cervantes when I was first starting out. Really, great tips and beautiful pictures.

    Start there because you'll probably have even more questions after you're done reading. Then come back to the boards so we can help you out a bit more.

    As for nutrients, I think everyone has their own personal preferences, don't they? I'm an organic girl myself, and Advanced Nutrients is what I like to use.

    But you use what you can afford first and then you use what works, right?

  6. Small pots, 12/12 from seed. Good luck

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