First time sativa scrog and I NEED some HELP!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fm1776, May 4, 2011.

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    Ok, I have a scrog that I started about 4 weeks ago. There is a link to my journal with pictures in my signature below. Both plants will be reaching the scrog screen in a day or two. My question is when do I switch to 12/12? I have seen so many different suggestions that it has left me a bit confused.

    My grow space is 3.5 sqft. My screen is about 18" over the tops of my pots which are 6 liters. I have one Pineapple Express and one Maui Waui growing in there; so nealy 100% sativa. I made the screen myself as you can see in the pictures posted on my journal. The openings work out to be 2" x 2".

    I should switch to 12/12 ____!

    A) Kick that bitch to 12/12 right now. Cause those sativa's will grow like made once you switch.

    B) Wait until the plants grow through the screen by a few inches and, than pull the cola back under and switch to 12/12.

    C) Wait for the screen to be 50% full and than switch to 12/12.

    D) wait for the screen to be 70% full and than switch to 12/12.

    E) None of the above - (please explain your thoughts).

    Feel free to post your answer here or even better, on my actual grow journal. And, thank you in advance.
  2. Switch to 12/12 now. They will stretch a lot being a sativa, atleast 2x the veg height. The screen will fill up in a week with flowering
  3. Thanks for the feed back mate. How many scrog grows have completed?
  4. anyone else have an opinion?
  5. Maybe I'm posting this question on the wrong web site.
  6. I have both sativa and indica started at the same time in my scrog. So far the actual stretch has been very close to eachother. Sativa got there faster and tapered off as the indica slowly matched it.

    i thought the opposite was going to happen.

  7. so you get a bunch of responses, get confused about what to do, then come here and post a new thread about it, looking for responses and then asking for more opinions?
    your logic is interesting to say the least.

    your plants will stretch, i would say throw em in 12/12 now, mainly because 3.5 square feet is not a lot when you're talking two sativa plants.
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    Welcome to the forum. I would hardly consider ONE reply as "a bunch of responses"! Take a look at the dates before commenting. My grow is over half over. I placed the question a month ago. Your logic is interesting to say the least! :eek:

    Actually taking the time to read a thread that you comment on would go along way towards you not looking like a complete idiot.

  9. I just checked out your profile. Mate, you've been a member for what, a whole two weeks now? In that time you have posted 118 replies. Nearly half of your comments are negative and/or condescending towards other contributors. What's the point in jumping around from thread to thread shouting about how stupid you think other peoples comments are. Smoke a joint and relax mate. No one needs to hear about how perfect you are, save that chit for mommy.

  10. guess i musta misread that in your original post. :rolleyes:

    just because i've been on here for two weeks or however long doesnt mean i dont have some good advice and facts to offer. newsflash brosef, when you sign up for grasscity is not when you start growing.

    and yes, if i see a dumb post, i'll point it out, and afterwards, most of the time i'll leave some good advice if i know the op is actually going to consider it. maybe you misread my post, but nothing i actually said to you was condescending or meant to put you down.

    and sure, i'll smoke a j to relax, do it everyday, you should follow suit buddy.

    -happy growing.
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    My comments above in blue
  12. sorry, i tried to read that last post all the way through, but the irony got to me and i couldnt stop laughing at your shit.

    get up off your high horse and practice what you preach brother. all i was trying to do was offer you advice, its not my fault you take yourself so seriously.
    get that sty outta your eye before you presume to show me the speck in mine.
  13. Exactly!
  14. can we stop this cyclical pissing contest and just talk about growing? maybe put this shit behind us and realize that we're probably more similar than either of us want to admit. i mean, we do have the tendency to call out people who are acting like asshats.

    btw, your ladies in your journal are looking marvelous.

    and ps. my dick is bigger than yours.
  15. TOOOOKE'N Token.
  16. Switch when it hits 70% and keep training for a few weeks
  17. I hate pointing out the obvious. I mean after our big love fest. However, I switched to 12/12 two weeks ago. ;)
  18. Sorry bro. I tend to read the question and skip over what other people say. How did it all work out?
  19. I'd wait until atleast half the screen is full.

  20. Well, as it turns out I did screw it up a little bit. But it wasn't the switching to 12/12 that turned out to be a mistake. What I did was keep pulling the branches further out from center the taller they got. So the lower growth didn't make it to the screen. Well, actually some of it did. I'll be able to make the screen look full. There just won't be as many bud sites as I could have had. Anyway, There are still nearly 40 bud sites and, I may pick up a few more as I tried to fix my mistake. But there will be plent of area with no buds in it. It's almost like an lst instead of a scrog. :eek: Live and learn, right. I'll get it right next time.

    That is actually when I did switch, when it was half full.

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