First time REALLY getting high?

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  1. Ah, I remember my first time, about a year or so back. I had smoked before this but I just never inhaled right, I used to try and smoke bongs but I didn't get the concept of a slider haha.
    Anyway I remember I was out at the mall with my friends and I wanted to get baked, truly high, for the first time. I call up my friend I knew sold bud, I asked for AK (pretty much the only strain I knew) and ended up getting a dime bag.
    I left the mall and got home only to put away my dank for a few weeks. My dumb ass had ended up getting bud and not getting a bowl.
    2 weeks or so went by and I ended up borrowing a good friend of mine, Nina's bowl. It's was just a little glassy. Here my dumb ass is, trying to not get caught, my sister is next door, my grandparents are visiting and are right across the hall and my mom is downstairs. So what do I do in a great effort to stealthily smoke?
    Absofuckinglutely nothing:)
    Everyone was abuzz at night in my house, around 10 P.M and I just sparked it.
    30 to 45 minutes later I was in outer space. I was blazed out of my mind. I just sat their listening to music, good ol' Floyd and Hendrix. The high lasted a long ass time, a few hours and I was just wrecked.
    I really do miss those days, where it was $10 to get blazed for a whole night.
    Maybe I'll go on a tolerance break sometime.
    Anyway guys, share you story. Go nuts. :smoking:

  2. I read this like you were talking to yourself. Like...

    "Hey Dynamics, when did you get really stoned?"

    "Ah, I remember when"

  3. Bong
    Gta 4
    About 2 grams

  4. Had a $10 ate a sammich an watched tv good day I must say!
  5. it was back during Spring Break my junior year of highschool. me and a friend smoked behind the gym we go to. we smoked out a water bottle bong i made lol. anyway, I was fucking baked. we were sitting down, and I took the last hit, and i was STUCK. I zoned out for a few minutes after taking that last hit and my friend had to snap me back to reality ahaha. I was sooo damn high, I've never felt like that ever again. I didn't know wtf I was doing. I tried to hide my lighter by putting it under some pinecones and I ended up going back to get it cuz I didnt think it was a good enough hiding spot lol. I did this like 6 times before saying fuck it man lets just leave. good times haha
  6. I read the title as "First time getting REALLY high," so I'll go with that instead of just the first time in general. Because I honestly can't remember that one.

    The first time I got super baked, I was 16 or 17 and I greened right out. The hangout spot for the boys and I was always in this old barn in the woods behind my house. My old man didn't use it, so we claimed it for ourselves. Anyway, a few of us were out there and my buddy had brought his piece, which was my first real experience with bongs. It didn't take much before I was practically passing out, felt like I was going to puke, couldn't comprehend life, etc. I didn't want to lose face in front of my buddies, so I told them I'd "be right back" and left with the intention to go home and crash in bed.

    I don't even know how I made it home. Ripped out of my skull, crashing through the woods. There's a little bridge over a creek that runs around the house, that I had to cross. I was so afraid of falling in the water that I crawled across the bridge. Not one of my finer moments :rolleyes:
  7. I read it the same^, so I will also go with that. My story isn't that interesting, but it is funny to look back on.

    I was at my sisters-boyfriends college graduation party. The day festivities had passed, and now it was time to smoke. We had to get a firepit from my other sister's house, so we did that. When we did so we smoked a bowl. I was pretty high, as this was like my second or third time smoking.

    We get back, set it up, and chill eating and such. So they pull out their bowl, and start smoking. Now, they grow, and they're quite good at it. It was high quality.

    I just remember passing a bowl around a circle of 8-10 people. They just kept packing it and packing it... this went on for 1-2 hours. I don't know why I kept hitting it, but I did. Why not? Haha, I couldn't even think by the end of it. There were no thoughts running through my head, I was just there.

    We then moved down to the fire, (which I almost didn't make it to, damn three step). I just sat there, watching the flames. It was intense, I don't think I looked up from that fire for hours...

    Fun times. I don't think I'll ever experience that again. Just wish I enjoyed it to the fullest.

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