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First time re-lived?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by master buddah, May 29, 2009.

  1. hey guys so i was just thinking about the first time i smoked and i felt like i was on a nother planet like seriously i felt like this world was one big dream time literaly lasted for ever..that never happens to me any more WTF MATE lol no matter how much i smoke it never does:confused_2: is there some way i can get that feeling back..i mean i still feel like that but not as strong

    oh and also once i initaly get high i never feel any more weed that i smoke it just keeps me high i dont get any higher is this so for any one else?
  2. Tolerance Break...stop smoke for a lil while like a week to how ever long you could take it, the longer the better
  3. Try a T-Break or a Vaporizer. When you vape your herb, you get more THC in your system. One of my most memorable experiences, was reaching the 2nd level high with the Vaporizer. When I reached the 2nd level, I actually became more functional with a nice mind altering high. Plus you feel good knowing that its a much more healthier alternative to smoking.
  4. thats exaclty what i meant, getting to that 2nd level the mind altering high u worded it of my boys has a vaporizer im gunna ask him if we can hit it this weekend lol thanks for the help guys
  5. t-break it or vape. One time i had to quit for 6 months, and my brain forgot how it felt to be high, so when i smoked again it was like the first time:smoking:
  6. this just happened to my friend
    he went to rehab for 10 months for other drugs
    but when he got back we decided to smoke a bowl like old times
    so he took maybe four hits and after 10 minutes he couldnt stand up...literally
    nobody could get a straight answer from him
    it was awesome
    he said he had NEVER been that high, especially off of only 4 hits
  7. Tolerance break for sure. I took a 3 month t-break once for the hell of it and when I started smoking again my mind was fucking blown just like the first time.
  8. haha sounds like thats the way to go ill try it out

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