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  1. Hey guys first time growing got two plants on the go approx 1 month old in the conservatory, doing well I think and looking healthy however one has grown a little strange, not the usual 1 stem. Maybe it's normal? also looking to top soon. advice please..Cheers.

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  2. Haha I've seen that in another grow, as if it "self topped". there's actually a guy who talks about it in a topping video somewhere in the ethos..just briefly mentions it after he transplanted.
  3. So you reckon I still need to top the two heads?
  4. I had a plant do that. The main growing shoot turned in to a leaf. Its pretty uncommon, the time it happened to me was the only time I've known it to happen

    IMAG0852_zpswi1uzjdq.jpg IMAG0851_zpszhvx9jcf.jpg IMAG0850_zpszelmqx9z.jpg IMAG0849_zpshlsf52q5.jpg
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  5. So normal enough then? should I leave topping this one?
  6. I wouldn't say its normal, in fact it's very abnormal. But it's common to get the odd abnormality now and then. This one in particular is not so common though. Hope that makes sense haha.

    It's fine though, it'll do alright. You could top or not top, depends on your future plans for it really. Is it staying in the conservatory until its ready to harvest?
    Going by its current growth, I'd say it's not getting enough light for any real harvest and assuming you're in the Northern hemisphere, the sunlight is going to become increasingly dimmer as we move in to autumn
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  7. Thanks for the reply!
    I think I will top just so it doesn't grow into a monster, although your right with the sunlight would love to get something from them
    I'm in the UK. Plan to keep in conservatory yes, it's the warmest part of the house. I was thinking of getting a outdoor grow tent for them while in the conservatory to maximise heat when the temps start to drop? I'l post a pic of the 'normal' one. Pretty proud of her so far.

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  8. Plan to top in the next few days

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  9. Have you considered getting a small light to hang above them? The value of your harvest from using a light will far outweigh the cost of buying and using the light
  10. I could try hang one in the tent I was thinking of buying. any cheap and cheerful lights to recommend? I do plan in future on buying a proper grow tent set up.
  11. What is your budget?
  12. With that money id be tempted to buy an all in one tent kit. found an LED one on Amazon, decent enough reviews but still a minefield for a beginner like myself..
    LED Grow Tent Kit - Complete LED Indoor Growing System
  13. Why would you be tempted to buy that crap?

    It may be a minefield, but I have just provided you an area with no mines, and you responded with you're tempted to go find some mines instead

    Also, what do you mean by "with that money"? £72? That set up is £290
  14. Having stated that I'm a total beginner how am I suppose to know that's totally crap? Thanks for letting me know regardless.
    Yeah you cleared 1 mine in the whole field of them with lights. thanks again for that. I just thought spending £100 odd pounds on one component of it would I be better trying to get everything else included for a few hundred. Buying a decent light and trying to fashion it to a cheap pvc tent from a bargain shop didn't seem the best idea after thinking about it. Maybe it is?? Again friendly feedback appreciated!
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    A tent is just a few poles and a sheet. They really don't vary that much. Cheap ones work just as well as expensive ones.

    Carbon filters are completely different though, low quality carbon filters don't work, I only buy Rhino Pro filters, they're the best available in the UK. Also, cheap fans are noisy, don't move much air, and don't have a long life. I only use systemair fans. They're made in Germany and are the best available.

    Lights, filter, and fan vary in quality big time and its worth getting good quality because it will save you money in the long run anyway. But pretty much everything else can be bought as cheaply as possible
  16. Thanks. I found both fan and filter together on Amazon. You think it would be easy enough fitting that into a tent? I'm not the best at DIY another reason why the all in one stood out to me for handiness.

    Systemair Fan and Rhino Pro Filter Kit 100mm - 4inch
    COSTWAY 4 Tier Greenhouse, Grow Tent | Growing Shelving, Plant Grow Shelving for Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Easy to Open with Zipper, Rust Resistant Steel Frame & Waterproof PVC Cover

  17. If you bought as a kit or separate it's all going to be separately packaged and will need putting together anyway. I can link you to amazon stuff to make things easier if you want.

    The fan and filter are the right ones but you could probably knock £40 off that cost just by buying them separately. The ducting and hose clips will only be a few quid

    That greenhouse is no good though, that's the kind of thing you have out in the garden. Indoor tents are different.
    I'll find one on amazon for you now...
    Do you buy from ebay? EBay is easier for me to search
  18. Tent £62
    Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow Tent (60 x 60 x 200 cm)

    Light £117
    Mars TS 1000 Quantum Board Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro for sale,buy Mars TS 1000 Quantum Board Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro - Mars Hydro

    Fan £58
    Systemair RVK 4" Fan (100mm) A1

    Filter £39
    Rhino Pro Hobby Carbon Air Fan Filter Hydroponics Grow Odour 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" (Pro 4" 100m - 11.8" 300m)

    Hose clips pk4 £4
    TUPARKA 4 Pack Large Size Metal Hose Clips 91-114 mm Adjustable Ducting Clamps for Securing Hoses and Pipes Tube

    Ducting 2m £6
    Hon&Guan 100mm Double Aluminium Foil Ventilation Ducting, Air Duct Flexible Hose Fully Extended Length 2m
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    Cheers mate just what I need! I use Amazon regularly. Is it easy enough to set it all up? Like is the holes in that tent big enough for the ducting to sit through? things like that id get stuck on. might be a silly question but do you attach the fan to filter or is just filter to ducting out the side of the tent? And with the fan it says about needing wired, is this to fit UK plugs? could I use a Eu/UK adaptor instead? Cheers.

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