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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrassCharles, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Hi to everyone ... i am a first time grower. I bought some super skunk seeds and my baby is already 5 weeks old. I bought a closet and constructed a ventilation system to drop the temperature in the cabinet. dimentions of cabinet are 3x5x6 feet. I also bought a HPS 250 Watt lamp and dressed the inside with alluminum foil. (not the shiny side cause i read it can burn the plants). I did the stupid thing to put some (not much) urine and also a bit of liquid fertilizer (followind the dosage instructions.)

    I noticed that some of the leeves tips turned yellow. But only a bit...

    I read that it could be a burn because of the fert or the urine so yesterday i put my plant in the bath tub and used a lot of water to wash the soil 2 times so the fert and everything else would wash away. No i am waitng for the plant to recover.

    What can cause the leeves tips to turn yellow??

    The urine? The Fert? I also user to water it every day (half a litter) so could it be the water? or the heat which is about 35 Celcius?

    Was it a good action to wash away the chems from the plant and will it recover?

    Besides the small tips it lookes very healthy.

    I know i wrote a lot but i am a first timer and i am a bit anxius about my baby so any help would be apreviated.

    BTW i live in greece so we have a high temp problem at this time of the year.
  2. the tips burn due to increased salt levels in the soil. The plant uptakes the materila nad keeps moving the bad stuff out as far away as it can. Sooner or later it gets pushed to the leaf tip, where it accumulates and kills that part of the plant. Flushing right away was the best thing you could do.

    Good luck on your grow, you can't do much about the heat except keep plenty of air circulation going.
  3. I installed a super fan system and opend a second intake hole so now my rooms temp varies from 29 to 33 C.


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