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First time properly

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mariohgh, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Okay here goes, I live in the UK and this is my first proper time blazing, I have blazed before but I didn't get high and it had no effect on me, now my buddy is pulling out some bud called "Skunk" (Sorry, I don't know any names, I'm an amateur at this) and I was wondering, what high will this cause and as I live with my mother (Yes, I'm 19 and I live with my parents -.-) could she somehow smell it on my clothes and how could I prevent this? And could anyone give me any advice on my first tokes and what I have to do, I know I have to inhale and all of that but is there anything else I can do to feel better and would I feel paranoid when I get home about 7 hours later?

    Thanks again everyone and sorry for the overload of question.

  2. Don't stress out - if you toke it and your intimidated by it or uncomfortable then you probably won't like it. You have to think positively and enjoy the experience you get. I would suggest a pipe - something simple - one hitter. Don't over do it because that could also give you paranoia. I started off a pipe then progressed to a bong. And even that first bong hit after you have been using pipes a while is still an amazing thing - treasure it :) Also - cornering the bowls is courteous in any pipe/bong environment.


    Smoking with Style
  3. You will be fine in 7 hours to go home. Also, if your really worried about your clothes smelling, smoke shirtless or borrow a sweatshirt to wear over your clothes while you smoke.

    Otherwise, just relax and enjoy the good herb my friend. You have nothing to be paranoid about.
  4. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it, I'll try not being paranoid but I don't think it will work, after all it's my first time properly doing it with friends...
  5. At first I was all paranoid using deodorant, smoking without shirt and all, but now I don't give a fuck and my parents still doesn't know.(I too live with my parents -.-)
  6. Don't worry about it champ. She's not gonna notice.
  7. Mints, gum or mouthwash will help too. It won't be as noticeable if your parents smoke cigarettes or something, but if you live in a smoke free environment I highly suggest at least 1 of those 3.

    But yeah, smoke shirtless, smoke outside or smoke with a hoodie, any one of those will work just dandy.

  8. Hahahaha this remindes me so much of how i was n now am lol
  9. One word....VISINE. The biggest giveaway is the red eyes/ lol. gotta use some good eye drops for mom not to notice.
  10. Don't worry man after 2 hours you will be able to function as you regularly do.

    So 7 for sure you will be good to go.
  11. keep a drink handy, because your probaby going to cough alot, so itll help cool your throat and keep out the cottenmouth. also i would recomend NOT a one hitter because thats gonna be some harsh first tokes. a bubbler would probably be the best in terms of ease of use and quality of the hit.
  12. 7 hours later, chances are your high will be gone by then (depending on how much you smoke) and depending on where you smoke it, you'll barley smell. I mean, you don't really have to worry about that too much, if you really want to though, bring some body spray, a few sticks of gum, and that's about all you need. Enjoy the dank my friend, just kick it, listen to some music, play some vidya games, and let the high come to you :bongin: Have fun! :smoke: :D

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