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  1. hello, I have a couple plants in a raised garden bed with fresh black soil. They are curling down and looking burnt on the tips. I haven’t added any products to it and we have had some rain over the last two weeks that I haven’t had to water them much. PH is just below 7 which I know isn’t ideal.

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  2. Do you know where this fresh black soil came from?
  3. Yup picamix dropped if off in big bags. Brand new soil run through machines to clean it out. Neighbours have used the same stuff for years to grow.
  4. This?
    Aurora Gold - Flower Garden Soil
    A weedless jet black soil mix comprised of sand and a proprietary compost blend. This garden soil provides excellent Ph levels for all growth, while offering the benefit of low maintenance. A must use to BUILD NEW GARDENS and to TOP UP EXISTING GARDENS.
  5. Yup that’s it!

  6. proprietary compost blend
    I wonder what that is.
  7. Any advice on what’s causing the burn and wilt
  8. Phosphorus deficiency

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  9. Do we think nute burn? New soil has to much in it
  10. Really !!
  11. Well... I'm just a rookie... and I needed to ask about your soil... for a reason.
    When I see photos of burned leaf tips, I usually see the answer "nutrient burn" .
    I am not, however, one of the people who can TELL you.
    Perhaps someone will come along...
  12. Looking at the pictures, Could be many factors as we are not there to see it for ourselves. Overwatering

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    IMO its a aeration issue. Like I don't see any. Your PH just below seven is good.

    Edit unless they used zoneolite which is very easy to over water. Does your soil seem heavy?
    Take some of your soil and squeeze it in your fist it should fall totally apart with no effort. If not you need more aeration (don't use zonolite). If it does they used zonolite for aeration. Careful watering zoneolite holds lots of water. This could be your problem also.

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