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First time picking up some Wax (concentrate)!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thekey2, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Okay guys so today a pretty good friend of mine i would say got a hold of a gram of some of this very fine ear wax or bees wax, forget which he called it lol :p, any who, he offered for me to buy .5 for 25, cuz the g was for 50. Ive never tried this before so surely i said yes, and i get it from home. I weighed out on my scale and for sum reason it said 0.0 now i know thats wrong, because theres definitely sum thin there and i smoked very little and am stoned as hell haha. anyways heres the pics after i took two nice sized rips. :D ** Note i realize this picture is quite small, i think if you click on it, it should enlarge a bit more. Sorry am not the best at the computer, at least in sum areas lol **

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  2. any love :eek:
  3. Fuck yeah concentrates are fire
  4. haha thanks man. yah they get you really stoned. any good techniques on how to smoke it. i heard of cheese pipes or something like that, but never used, at the moment I'm using a bong, but it seems to stick to the screen pretty bad, so i took off screen and its working a bit better, just worried about it cashing into water...
  5. Top bud off with it & knife hits
  6. @thekey2 wax is super bomb , i have to figure out how to post some pictures ill show you some dank lol.. its worth it get the whole gram it will last you at least a week

  7. Look into the concentrate tools section theres a lot of info on what you need. What you need to get is a nail--either titanium or quartz--to put into your bong glass on glass with a dome on top. The nail gets heated up and you touch your material to the hot nail which vaporizes it while you are pulling it through your bong.

    This is imo the best way to hit wax, commonly referred to as dabbing.

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