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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bigman42003, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Just a new thread to post if I need advice on my new closet micro Grow. Will post pics soon. Germinating the seeds right now will plant hopefully in 2-3 days.

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  2. Allllllrighty then.....well happy growing, hopefully you won't run into any problems..:toke:
  3. Nothing new to report but I started stage 2 of germ and will hopefully plant them by August 10th.

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  4. My goal is to move one of the plants outdoor to flower as the light changes to a natural 12-12 in late September. And keep one inside.

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  5. Take care Mate:D
    I ve done a pc grow as well, had a lot of problems with it, but when she finally ripened and I harvested it, it was the best tasting bud I ever had.
    Hard work always pays off!
  6. Does anyone have advice on how to keep a plant as small as possible. Im talking like below 1 foot in height around 8-10 inches?

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  7. LST like a mfer, and flip her fast.

    I personally couldn't do it. I have trouble with my "micro grow", and have 4ft of headspace before the lights.

    Best of luck though
  8. LST.....LST.....LST
  9. Depends on the strain go with an indica
    I did mainlining to keep it low.
    Basically topping once and then LST.
    There is a youtuber: Dirt man dan.
    I highly suggest watch a video or two, maybe older ones. He is amazing at micro grows. He managed to grow this mqdefault.jpg
    Its fking massive. There are better shots but I only could find this one. If you watch a video you will see

    Take care friend
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  10. Grow Update. The seeda have not yet germinated and I believe it may be 2 things. They are for one a bit old but they were given to me for free. And the temperature may be too cold for the seeds to germinate so what I did is poke 1 small hole on each seed to help the taproot come out and wrap them in a black bandana (block all light) and put them in my PC grow box with the light on. Is this the correct course of action?

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  11. This Exactly the height of plant id like to grow. Ill be sure to check him out thank you.

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  12. Well, i am not sure about the poking but it seems to be a good idea. Make sure the soil is wet, but not soaking wet.
    Other trick is to put the seeds into a cup of luke warm water and wait til they sink to the bottom.
    What I would do in your place is, I would make sure the soil is wet, she is not that deep and its rather warm, but not overwhelmingly warm, just around 20 maybe, 25°c top. Then the hardest part, wait. What strain are u growing?
  13. Thanks for the advice. Im growing Piña Collision and Purple Luna. Both sativas so growing a short stocky plant will be a fun challenge.

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  14. Heres what the grow looks like! She's got 2 PC fans (one is not visible) so very nice ventilation IMO. Snapchat-79777360.jpg Snapchat-2037501302.jpg

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  15. Not bad, but your light takes away a big place and you going to have further issues bcs its gonna be too close. I suggest you go with leds panels or strips
    My setup:
    But it might work, its only my imagination
  16. I see what you mean. I now have the option to grow outside now but it may be hard due to pesky pests but it is doable. It'll have to be a less smelly strain possibly Northern Lights or a dwarf auto. Most likely going to use this for veg and move plants out when natural light gets to 12-12. But going to try to flower a plant in the box.

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    it seems like you are in the same boat in me.
    The first Grow what I did was a PC grow which was around 30Watts. It was the best bud that I smoked, it came out to be 3-4g which is truly low, but for the novel grower, it was a big success, especially in an environment that seemed to be impossible to grow in. (living with parents)
    The smell was sometimes more intense that I would liked it to be, so it raised some trouble, some excitment in the grower life, how to fix a certain issue. I study as an engineer, so I bought some carbon filters, yeah, the shitty ones and it somewhat fixed it.
    Luckily, she riped and I harvested my Northern Lights. It was a good challange.

    This year, I had the ambition to grow outdoors, so I had to come to terms with my parents.
    Now I have a greenhouse, and I grow a northern light in it. She loves it, altough, she had a rough time this week due to the extreme heatwave.
    She is starting to flower now, as outdoor plants dont need 12-12, they flower much earlier, however they mature slower. Next year I will try out an autoflower, but I am not knee on them.
    You should consider building a greenhouse; if you are handy, as my idea growing outdoors came with the idea of building a greenhouse. I dont suggest just growing outdoors, unless you live in a better area than I do. So far so good with the grow,her smell is really low, however, I know it will intensify by time as we gradually step into the flowering stage.

    I suggest starting your grow indoors, until she is a seed and she has atleast 7 nodes. If you start to grow now, probably she will end up like this: 0.jpg
    Its just one main cola, altough its super fat. I always wanted to try it out, I think it looks dank and worth a shot.

    If you have a low wattage- low space PC grow, it will be low grade weed as well. Budget grow is budget weed. The beauty of a PC build lies in the complexity of a problem oriented box, which you have to solve, like a Rubic's cube. Its much fun, especially in stealh, I would do it again, but I would invest more money in it. Starting with a bigger PC house. 60-100 watts of Led lights 4:1 red to blue, a lot of ventillation and a proper filter for smell. It's the novel grower's task to grow the best weed in his own build PC and tell his friends what a good Engineer he is.
    If he likes programing and arduino, he can buy moisture and heat sensors, implement a watering system and make a perfect growing enviroment for his lady without paying 0 attention, as the PC box does everything for him apart from LST.
  18. Thinking about building a greenhouse but i dont have the money to buy a kit or build one. Any budget diy alternatives?

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  19. buy some wood and a foil. done. I did mine frome polycarbonate as we had some leftover so I only had to buy wood and some screws. costed me 20$
    something like this would do as well:
    look up some on google, there are some pretty sick ones as well. choose what suits you best mate

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