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First time paying up front, getting paranoid.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JBright, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. #1 JBright, Sep 6, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2012
    What happened was yesterday a friend from middle school i haven't seen since middle school came to my work place and we caught up and chilled alittle I found out he smokes. And he was telling me how his homie got green card and sells for about 110 half oz.

    So he comes today and asked if i wanted him to go grab it for me now and to give him the money (cause he dosent have money to buy it then me pay him for it ) He also straight up asked me for gas money also, btw if this guy is legit he is someone i plan to kick it with alot so the gas money was not a thing at all, I just hope he didnt jack me and was just using me to try get 110$ lol cause he woulda got way more then that over the time if we kicked it and I smoke him out, I smoke out all my friends. (i dont drive so someone getting it for me was really great in my mind) its been 3 almost 4 hours and no reply, Im not tripping about it until the day is over.

    But yea SHould I be woried? or is he just taking awhile I dont think he has a cell phone either, he call me with a home phone in morning and I think he is gonna be using a friends phone to txt me.

    I smoked some bud earlier and I think thats one of the things causing me to freak the freak out because of his delay and no reply at all.

    If he did jack me there isnt anything to do. but a 140$ lesson well learned to never pay upfront/

    EDIT: I couldnt go with him because I was at work.

    EDIT 2: (9/12/12)

    WOW, he hit me up today!!! and said he got arrested, for making a turn with out signalling then the cop smelled the weed, but the cops didnt find it, then he asked me for gas money again!!! HAHAHAHHAHA
  2. Honestly man it sounds like he did jack your money. Could be just the opposite, but I don't know, sounds kind of sketchy.
  3. Good luck mam, every time ive fronted people for bud, they've always come through.
  4. Ive payed up front for bud before, but only to a trusted friend. Dont do it to some random fuck.
  5. just payed up front for 2oz he was gunna bring it tonight but now its 2mrw, but hes well trusted, its only a few hours though he might get it 4 u tho but only pay up front to people you trust.
  6. You trusted a guy you haven't seen since middle school with over $100...?

    Best of luck, dude...

  7. Situation was different though most time I never pay upfront. but this guys offer i guess seem a little to good that it was below my TO GOOD TO BE TRUE Radar. He said that his dealer would deliver when ever and shiat, and i was inclined to get that guy as my main dealer if his stuff was good and reasonably price and he doesnt skimp, but I guess dealer wasn't the one I shoulda been worried about.

    Thanks for replys, I just had to get it out there to ease my mind >.<

    Either way if he doesn't pay me back that just means 1 week of no bud and next time ill never pay up front to anyone ever again no matter how great the bud is....
  8. I mean, I front money plenty often but only with very close friends that I completely 100% trust.

    He said his dealer would deliver whenever, but he took your money to go buy it for you? If his dealer is that down with delivery, he should have just had the dude deliver it to you and get the money then.

    The whole thing seems very sketchy to me.

    I hope it works out, though.
  9. u should of went with him and payed his dealer right at the spot and got your bud?:confused:
  10. sorry homie looks like you got jacked
  11. Oh and also I dont recommend paying up front, its just common sense.
  12. Never pay up front. Ever. Last time i did, my friend gave this guy 200, we dropped him off at his connects house and then pulled up to a gas station across the street. He claimed he'd run over with our oz(cuz he was buyin a qp), but we waited at that gas station for 45 minutes, and finally drove away. Never heard from the guy again.
  13. The one time I fronted I got fucked over. I was really pissed too because I told my friends who were also throwing down I didn't want to front but they did anyways.

    Your situation sounds kind of sketchy... you should've asked to go to with him to pick up the bud and just smoke him up for the hook up.
  14. OP, it doesn't seem too good on your end. But like JD, I wish you luck.

    Why didn't you just go to the house and knock?

  15. Because it was midnight in the projects. Like my friend swore by this dude, so we drove to the projects in the next town over to get him. I mean he was buying a qp, so it didn't seem wise to just drive up and knock on this random guys house who may or may not be a big time dealer while a possibly large deal was going on.
  16. I will learn from your possible mistake.
  17. i think u got jacked why didnt u just go with him?
  18. Dang its 5 still no call, Oh im at work, thats why, If I wasn't most definitely woulda went, this was really my only exception and last... I had a policy for never fronting but god damn me and those great offers always gets me.

    Coupons, sales, im such a sucker for a great sales pitch.

    Atlease it was only a 140$, to find out what kind of person this guy really was.

  19. You said the half was $110. You gave him $30 for gas? How far away does his dealer live? :eek:
  20. Possession is 9 10ths of the law brah you don't give the money till the herb is in yo hand.

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