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  1. Well, i finally got what i wanted for YEARS. I finally got a puppy. She is a pure beagle and is about 9 weeks old. This is my very first time owning a dog and a have a few question that hopefully you guys can answer....
    Well she is a female. & i am kinda scared about when she gets her first "heat" :/ how do i manage that? How much do they bleed? How should i clean her and how often will she be in heat! She is a pure 9 weeks beagle...
    How do i make her sleep the same time i sleep? Cause i dont what to be waking up at 7 am every morning. 9 am would be better.
    She is sleeping in my bed tonight since its her first night with me :) will she get used to sleeping on my bed with me? Are there any downsides to letting her sleep with me?
    I will start training her tomorrow and if i have any more questions i will ask them here and hopefully you guys can help me put. Heres a picture of her :)
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    Hahaha congrats.
    I can only guess at your excitement and worry at the same time of owning a dog for the first time.
    I fucking love dogs and had them all my life, they are truly the best friend you can ever have.  Really.
    Anyways, don't get so overwhelmed she is still a puppy and will definitely be a little more active and playful but they still love their sleep.  But just know she is your new buddy till death, she will sleep when you sleep and usually wake up when you do as well.
    Since she is not a huge type of dog she will be ok sleeping on your bed but for dogs that get huge, its a bad habbit since they start thinking your bed is theirs and well you can only imagine the problems that starts causing. 
    But you should also get her a little doggie bed so she has her own little private spot.  They sell em for very cheap in petsmart or petco, or even places like CVS, Home goods.
    Start using the pee pads where you want her to start peeing by getting a paper towel, wiping her urine(if she went inside somewhere) and placing that towel on top of the pee pad.  She will start to pee there. 
    If she pees somewhere you don't want her too, do NOT punish her and yell, this will not help as dog don't understand what the hell you are saying except that you are mad for no reason.  Just wipe it off and wipe it down again after you spray windex or some sort of cleaner.  Remember you really want to get rid of the pee smell so they don't start peeing in those places. 
    Also I forget what age they can get neutered but she might be too young.  Go to your vet and ask when she can get spayed.
    Any questions and let me know!
    P.S. your picture didn't work.
  3. I owned a dog for 22 years. Then I divorced her.
  4. Here it is!

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  5. Ohhh geez. I've been watching over my brother's beagle for 10 months now. She's 4, and still runs around the house full of energy like she is still a puppy. Good luck! She's awesome though and never wanna give her up ):
  6. Cute as fuck.  Love dogs!
  7. I don't know anything about female dogs but I've owned a few male dogs.  Don't worry too much about their sleeping schedule, dogs sleep a lot and will conform to you
  8. Aww

    Awesome Opossum

  9. at nine weeks old she has no bladder control, so forget your lazy mornings in bed for  now lol, she will need to go out side to wee around every 2 hours, everytime she has just woken up and around 10 mins after every meal.   be careful of her sleeping in your bed at the present she may well wet it over night.   she can be spayed at 6 months old, either before her first heat or after, bitches who are spayed will not get life threatening womb infections so it is well worth getting it done.   have fun!
  10. She's adorable! I have two girls and heats really aren't that bad mess wise especially with a smaller dog. She will drip blood here and there but they're small droplets. The worst of it is the spot left behind after sleeping or lying in one spot for an extended period. You have a while to go before her first heat though and hopefully you'll choose to spay her when she old enough.

    She's precious and I'm sure you'll spend years of happiness together :)

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