First time outdoor, male or female?

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  1. Hi, this is my first outdoor grow. It's nothing big but just wanted some input on sexing a couple that aren't showing that much yet. Are these the female preflower or males. IMG_20170730_083551437.jpg IMG_20170730_082608807.jpg

    All were seeds given to me. No idea what's what.
  2. to early to tell...I see nothing yet either way...


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  3. I feel like #1 and #3 are males #2 is a female. Jmo. Pat
  4. Thank you for the imput Pat. I wasn't sure if it was a young calyx or balls. I have two other of different variety that are clearly in bloom but I have several that came from the same seed pack that aren't showing anything
  5. Way to early to tell.

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  6. You will probably be able to tell for sure within the next week maybe two. Keep us updated as to what they turn out to be. Thanks, Pat
  7. Ok will do. I'll post pics here with some updates. An impromptu journal

    This one is already showing her sex. It started from seed beginning of may

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  8. You have stipules growing which means the preflowers will show within a week or 2. No sign yet though

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