First time outdoor growing quesitons

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Shmeeb, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone.
    I'm trying outdoor growing for the first time. I just have a few questions.
    Im in the germination stage right now, and am germinating the seeds in a dark cupboard, in a cup with water. So far, which hasn't been very long, nothing has happened. When I move to outdoors after the seed breaks, do I just put the seedling in a cup with soil, and just leave it outside? I'm nervous about rain, etc.. possibly destroying it.

  2. I'm not sure im familliar with your method of germinating, the most successful way for me is the damp paper towel method, even then it can still take a few days for a plant to sprout, when you move it outside make sure you have defenses against the wilderness werever you are. When you see the little white root sprout make sure u put it into the dirt with that lil thing facing down, as for cups the downside is ur gunna hafta transfer it, look up some threads for slug protection, bird, deer, and other annoying critters, u'll definently find something useful :)
  3. Yeah don't just drop the seeds in a cup of water, its not good for them for more than a good soaking.
  4. I place mine in distilled water for 24 hours (good enough more could kill them by rot). Once they have cracked open, the white sprout barley shows. Place it under 1/4 inch loose soil. Soil must be loose under the seed too. The whole cup/pot must be watered before putting the seed in. After 2-3 days, just let them grow. Add dirt to sustain after a few days when it's ok. Creful they're a little fragile still.

    Outdoors, they can be killed by sun (if no water and they're very young with a lot of sun on them). 3-4 hours is enough for 1st week. Then you can give them more sun, Gradually. After 3 weeks and they're ok, max. sun is fine.

    Use good airy soil mix (no nutes, just 1/4 castings, 1/3 perlite 1/2 good potting soil for example). Water with plain water in 1st month.

    Protect them from big wind (stake if nec.), rains and pests (use slug repellant esp.). I place mine on an elevated bush to get good sun and still be protected from things on the ground.

    Monitor them well for 1st month and you're good.

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