First Time Outdoor Grower Needs Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dreamasta, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Iam currently wanting to grow a few plants outdoors, i know i need to have a well hidden place, my frist question is do i need to start the plants indoors or start them outdoors? I live in Virginia and its almost time for summer, is this a good time? Is it best to purchase soil and use fertizler every now and then on the plants, or let them grow in the natural outdoor enviroment, all i want is some good green bud, that i can smoke, and a high yield would be nice! and when do i kill the males?? im guessing before the flowering stage? im not sure. and can u smoke the males?? whats the point in killing the male, does the female only produce good bud or what, i prolly sound dumb, but im just asking. so if anyone can help with these questions i woudl appreciate it, because im determined to grow good quality bud, and nothings gonnna stop me, but for right now these questions are slowing me down and if i need to buy soil, ph testers fertilizer or anything, it would be great if u could tell me what brand to buy, i just need a good brand that will give the quality needed to my marijuana.and any other tips would be great, ive spent time studying a few things, but im still not as smart in the fields, anyway l8r
  2. The answer to all of your questions can be found with the search function....
  3. take all the seeds ya got put em in a glass or bowl of water for a few days maybe even a week until they crack and a white little stem pops out, plant that wherever the hell ya want, indoors or out, theyll sprout, and remeber too much attention to ur sprouts can kill them, there fragile little buggers.
  4. Kill males when you find out they're males :)
  5. has good info also:smoking:
  6. Interesting how these threads get stirred up.

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  7. its funny how i was so high that i dont remember posting here but its cool i didnt make an ass of myself:smoke:

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